Why You Should Switch Your Entire Business OS To Apple

As a business owner, you want the absolute best setup for you and your employees. Your equipment and technology needs to improve your productivity, security, and efficiency. The best server operating system for small business might be different from your normal desktop business OS. If your business is mostly or completely based on Windows, consider replacing it with Apple. Working with a local top Apple premier partner, here is a list of benefits of using Apple for your business instead.

1. Easy Collaboration

Macs, iPhones, and iPads are unmatched when it comes to communication, sharing and collaborating. You can easily connect with your employees across devices to share workflows and important documents. All team members have access using their own company email and registered account. For sure, using iCloud Drive is a great way to give multiple users access to the same files.

2. Secure Your Data

iCloud provides an easy way to secure your important business data. Backing up to the cloud can help your organization protect itself against data loss, eliminate the costs and time associated with maintaining file storage infrastructure, and decrease IT and fixes expenses. Time Machine also gives you a quick and easy way to quickly recover a backup on any Mac.

3. Enhance Your Presentations

Apple devices are great for making presentations, displaying information, and doing demos. It’s simple to flip through slides even on an iPhone. More detailed documents are great for iPads and MacBooks, especially if you or your employees are on-the-go. For in-office presentations, the large iMac monitors with the stunning Retina display are great for when you need to display high-definition content.

4. Free Personal Assistance

If you are a fan of the iOS platforms, the MacOS now features Siri. The world’s most commonly known personal assistant allows your desktop computers to user “her” services. Whether you want to schedule a meeting or search through files, Siri is accessible from Mac desktops. Simply, upgrade your Mac OS to the Sierra release or later, of course. With the help of a free personal assistant like Siri, your business will enjoy higher productivity levels.

5. Lower Hacking Risks

The Mac OS’s native design protects your system from hackers. The latest desktop OS software keeps it’s anti-malware automatically updated. Additionally, just by design, it does not allow any malware to self install. Compared to the windows equivalencies, which are plagued by constant malware, MacOS releases avoid the risks of being hacked.

This is just a snapshot of what switching to Apple can do for your business. The days of Windows PCs dominating the workplace are gone. Apple provides businesses with seamless collaboration, secure backups and recovery, and elegant presentation opportunities. If you’re interested in buying Macs for your business, MelroseMAC has a variety of Apple computers for sale. You can contact them to learn about operating systems, devices and more.

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