Advantages And Disadvantages Of Workplace Drug Testing


We have all heard news about drug cases anywhere in the world. For some business owners, workplace drug testing is essential to ensure that their employees work at their optimum level. However, this could also mean disadvantages for some employees who believe that this may be an invasion of privacy. Here are the typical pros and cons of workplace drug testing:


Ensures A Safety Environment For The Workers

To ensure that the employees of a business have a safe and comfortable workplace environment, it would be a good decision to have them undergo a drug test. Workers who abuse substance may pose a risk in the workplace. Using drugs could actually impair their minds to do their jobs properly.

To conduct a workplace drug testing means that the company is dedicated to providing a healthy and safety environment for their workers. They will become more productive and eager to perform better at work, and that is something an employer would like to ensure success in their business.

Deter Employees From Using Drugs

With a workplace drug testing, employees fear to lose their jobs because of taking drugs. This thinking prevents the employees from taking drugs in the future. In this program, the company can introduce webcasts, seminars and other business communications that will help workers learn more about the harmful effects of drugs.

This will lessen their inclination to get involved with illegal substances while in the workplace. In effect, there will be fewer work conflicts and violence among the employees.

Avoids Possible Liability of Employers

Employers are actually held liable for whatever accidents that may happen at work. It is their responsibility as managers to maintain a kind of workplace that is away from accidents caused by employees under the influence of drug abuse. Some companies offer their employees at their own expense to go into rehabilitation or recovery programs. This way, the company is on preventive action to reduce the possible liabilities that may arise.


Invasion of Privacy

Some employees might find workplace drug testing as a violation of their privacy, regardless of the company’s good intentions. You do not want to harbor resentment among your employees at work as this can turn into conflicts.

Furthermore, this may lead to lesser productivity that will lose the company’s revenue. Another possible situation is that your employees may actually dislike you. One way to deal with this is to settle an agreement first with them after explaining the importance of this program.

Expensive Costs for Companies

Running a workplace drug testing program can cost a bit high. In some cases, where a company requires a pre-employment drug testing, it would cost even higher knowing that there are uncertain chances whether an applicant will be hired or not.

Although this is a step that is certainly beneficial for the employees as they could have a test at the company’s expense, this is something a company needs to think about if it lacks finances. It’s a good thing that there are home drug testing kits from online suppliers like Test Clear to cut down the costs.

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