What To Do With An Aggressive Business Competitor Turns Violent

The world of business is notoriously cutthroat. Intense competition with rivals is normal and healthy, and striving to beat the opposition by fair means is one of the fundamental drivers behind the improvements in products and services available to consumers. But what should you do when a business competitor takes competition a step too far and acts with violence toward you, your colleagues or employees or your property? There are several professional steps you can take to rise above the competition. Read on for a step-by-step action plan to take if you or your business suddenly becomes the victim of a malicious attack.

Do Not Retaliate

In the event that your business is violently attacked by a competitor, the first thing to do is refrain from retaliating. This may be a significant challenge in cases where you have been personally affronted, or the attack has resulted in significant losses for your company through damage or loss of stock. However angry you are, remember that looking for revenge is likely to lead to an escalation in tensions and will undermine your positions should you decide to file a case against the other party in a court of law.

Inform The Police

The sooner you get the authorities involved, the more likely it is that they will be able to build a strong case against the attacker. If you fail to notify the police promptly after the event, you could struggle to gain their support at a later date since they may not be convinced that the attack was that serious due to the fact that you did not raise the alarm straight away. Cooperate fully with the police and provide a statement that gives as many details as possible that supports your story. Make sure everything you say is accurate and consistent with the truth.

Put Together A Detailed Record Of Events

The importance of keeping an in-depth and detailed record of exactly how the events of the attack unfolded cannot be stressed highly enough. If business competition with companies turns violent, a record of events is essential. Whatever evidence you can collect in the period immediately afterwards could prove to be of great value should you find that you have a case for claiming damages. Leave no stone unturned as you put together a dossier of photos, CCTV videos, medical reports, threatening letters or recordings of phones conversations that you believe will be solid enough to stand up in a court of law.

Get A Decent Lawyer

If you intend to file a claim for damages, the first thing you should do is to contract the services of an experienced law professional who is well-versed in criminal law. A lawyer will be able to advise you on the correct route to take going forward. If you decide to proceed, a lawyer will be able to cast an expert eye over the dossier you have compiled in order to identify the most compelling evidence as they build a watertight case. If your business is located in the Greater Sydney area, you should visit Astor Legal for relevant information on your rights and what it will take to win a legal case in your particular circumstances.

Remain Professional

Staying calm and carrying on in situations where your business has been singled out for attack is essential. It is integral to maintain a professional composure and find business legal advice. It makes zero sense not to resume business as usual as soon as possible after the event, and doing so will be an important part of the healing process. Make sure you inform everyone on your payroll that you plan to pursue justice through the conventional legal routes to prevent anyone associated with the business taking the law into their own hands. Attacks can leave people feeling violated, but remember to keep things in perspective and concentrate on moving on from this unfortunate chapter in your company’s history.

If your business has been the subject of a violent attack, do not panic. This article has laid out the optimum course of action that will help you get justice and prevent the attack from having too much of an impact on your business going forward. There are several steps you need to take before taking someone to court. Acting rashly in such a situation is likely to make a bad situation worse and may cause you to take action that harms your prospects of a successful verdict in any legal proceedings you decide to file against your attacker.

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