Why Are Businesses Turning To AI For IT Operations?

This is an era of digital evolution and revolution. We are surrounded by technology and businesses are busy accelerating their journey towards digital transformation. Today’s IT organizations are enabling enterprises to transform themselves to make a difference. However, with the outburst of data and the pressure to stay relevant, when these IT companies are pushed to keep up with the pace of transformation, it results in a complex environment entangling everyone involved in this change. And that’s when businesses turn to automated systems in IT Operations, popularly termed as AIOps.

AIOps – The Next Generation IT Solution

As described by Gartner, AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination.1 In simple terms, it is Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. Apart from automating repetitive processes, AIOPs also leverage ML to interpret large volumes of data and offer insights to help the IT teams to act before it impacts the user.

Though a relatively new concept, businesses are increasingly turning to AIOps for they view it as an important part of the next generation IT solutions. In fact, Gartner predicts that the use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools by large enterprises to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023.2

With these enhanced options, there are several reasons modern business owners should consider AI operations fot their traditional Information Technology department. On top of cost savings, there are several ways artificial intelligence can greatly boost business productivity. Read on to learn about why business are turning to AI for IT operations.

Manage Data

One of the most popular reasons for switching to AI solutions is to manage secure business data. Proper AI integration helps you greatly manage and protect business data.With growing data, enterprises often face this challenge of not being able to monitor or make sense of data available with them. AIOps Platforms help break down this data and provide visibility to the IT environment. AIOps with its AI and ML capabilities helps choose the data, create a pattern and provide insights in a collaborative manner.

Eliminate Operational Noise

Switching to AI solutions for information technology greatly reduces the operational noise throughout business processes. IT operational noise is one of the major concerns of enterprises. It includes higher costs, performance issues, and risks, to eliminate which businesses are adopting AIOps Solution. AIOps tools get to the root of these causes and help eliminate the noises completely by creating correlated incidents.

Deliver A Seamless Customer Experience

AI solutions can deliver a seamless customer experience when integrated into your IT department. Customer experience is an essential aspect of any business operations. Owners and managers alike should constantly be considering advanced solutions to boost overall experience company-wide. Customer experience is the requirement of any enterprise and every other process or program is intended to lead to this major goal. AIOps tools collect and analyze data and help enterprises make informed decisions with predictive analysis.

Enable Collaboration

Integrating AI into your IT department enables a greater level of collaboration amongst you and the rest of your information technology team. As many business owners will tell you, collaboration is essential to modern business. Effective collaboration encourages the free flow of ideas, enhanced brainstorming, and bolstered productivity. AIOps enhances collaborative efforts within IT support teams and between IT teams and business units. Its customized dashboards and reports make it easier for business units to understand tasks easily.

Improve Productivity

When properly integrated into your IT department, artificial intelligence greatly boosts productivity amongst your team. Business owners are constantly looking for the top strategies to improve productivity company-wide. Modern, automated solutions streamline traditional operations technologically to reduce the need for human interference. With its predictive analytics and automation capabilities, AIOps optimizes the process and enhances the productivity of the entire team, resulting in better ROI. Integrating AI solutions into your IT department helps to increase your productivity.

Enhance Visibility Into Infrastructure And Applications

Proper implementation of AI operations into your IT department greatly enhances overall visibility into organizational infrastructure and applications. The infrastructure and applications your business uses are essential to traditional operations. To guarantee efficient operations of these programs, you need enhanced visibility and transparency. Enterprises moving towards complete digital transformation often face challenges midway due to lack of visibility and transparency into processes. AIOps provides complete visibility thus helping businesses reduce costs, time and efforts and realizing value quicker.

Strengthen Overall Performance

The best AI solutions greatly strengthen overall company performance when properly integrated into your IT department. At the end of the day, your business performance levels ultimately determine your overall productivity, as well as your ability to grow and scale your company within thge future. Leveraging AI and ML capabilities, AIOps helps accelerate the performance of the enterprise as a whole, by probable cause analysis and predictive analytics. It helps ease the burden off the IT teams, enabling them to focus on more strategic decisions, which can help make a difference to the entire organization.

As enterprises strive for digital transformation, data analysis and data control are increasingly becoming a challenge. To overcome these challenges, businesses are turning to AI in IT operations, which by leveraging AI and ML capabilities is helping overcome these challenges, reducing costs, optimizing performance and improving customer experience. Still in its nascent stage, AIOps is slowly but definitely becoming the next big revolution in IT.

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