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What Venture Capital Firms Offer Start Ups With Long-Term Potential

Venture capital is financing that investors provide to start-up companies and small businesses that they believe have long-term potential. If the business succeeds, they profit from their investment. Often, they will remain as an investor for a period of a few years before exiting the company and moving on to other projects. If the business fails, then venture capitalists have ... Read More »

Find The Right Property Insurance Policies To Protect Business Assets

One thing all on-location businesses have in common is their need for commercial property insurance. You do not need IBM business analytics to tell you that. Retail, manufacturing, technology or food, you are going to need this type of insurance to protect your assets. Commercial property insurance is protection against property loss or damage to your company building or belongings. ... Read More »

How Bank Reconciliation Statements Provide Maximum Financial Security

Bank reconciliation is a process performed by a company to ensure that their financial records are correct and match up with the bank’s records. For many new and small business owners handling their first credit card finances on their own, a project like this could seem daunting. However, there are numerous benefits to completing this financial task. Below we have ... Read More »

How Business Can Rescue A Failing Education System With Philanthropy

Business-education partnerships are a mutually beneficial relationship between a business and a school or community organization as they work toward established goals. These types of partnerships are a great way for businesses to give back through the education system. Some business-education partnerships can be small scale projects involved in a few classrooms or they can involve entire school boards, helping ... Read More »

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