6 Profitable Business Industries Thriving In Jamaica

When you are thinking of how to invest in Jamaica, you can start a business that will work with the music industry, the tourism industry, or common industries that are thriving there. Plus, you need to think of how you will support that business if you are not living in Jamaica full-time. Keep reading to learn how to manage a business and make the most money possible in Jamaica.

Music And Tourism

The music and tourism industries are tied together because people go to Jamaica to experience the music of Bob Marley and his disciples. People might take a tour of places that Bob Marley played, or they might go on day cruises that feature his music. Some people might even start fitness classes based around his music. Other tourists go to Jamaica just for the beaches, and they might need a riding tour of every good beach on the island. Plus, there are beach catering and drink services that can be hired for big parties. The music business and the tourism industry both offer profitable opportunities in Jamaica.

Vacation Rentals

You might invest in vacation rentals that people will stay in when they come to Jamaica. You could manage a company that cleans all these rentals in between stays, or you might run a security company that looks after each property. The tourism industry is booming in Jamaica because it is such a popular place to vacation.

When you are investing in the vacation rentals industry, you will make money from rentals. Plus, you may choose to sell some of your properties to make quick cash. This is also a business that you can pass down to your children. You can manage these properties from far away, and you can work with vendors who are in the islands. If you are a vendor, you can manage your team from back home.


Some people invest in construction in Jamaica because they can build new vacation rentals or office buildings. These companies hire locals every day to get work done, and they ensure that the country is developing at the proper rate. Plus, you can manage a company like this from home so long as you have a manager in your Jamaican office.

The construction industry also helps people renovate their hotels or vacation rentals. You might help clients upgrade the vacation condos that they rent every year, or you might rent the equipment that construction companies need. Because of this, you can work in multiple parts of the industry. You can spread out your investment all over Jamaica, and you will still have a hand in the tourism industry. Therefore, consider running a construction business in Jamaica to excel in the market.


The logistics industry is a big part of how Jamaica operates every day. You may manage or rent trucks on the island. Plus, you can rent large vans to tour groups or rent vehicles to travelers. If you want to take that a step further, you can rent charter boats and fishing gear for vacationers on the islands. People might come to Jamaica for a good time, but they need your rental vehicles. Plus, businesses that want to deliver items throughout the islands need trucks to make that happen.


Moreover, technology and business go hand-in-hand even in Jamaica. There are plenty of opportunities for selling technology products and services on the island. The technology industry is growing in Jamaica because people need computer software to manage their businesses. You might start a company that builds programs for clients, and you will find that many clients need your assistance.

Food Exports

Exports of jerky meat might seem like a small thing, but this is a big part of Jamaican culture. If you have a kitchen that makes the meat in Jamaica, they can export that product to other places. Plus, wire transfers can save you a ton of paperwork, especially when you are sending money to Jamaica from the US to support your business back home. You do not need to live in Jamaica, but you need a simple way to supply your business with ready cash if you are not in the office every day.

The tourism industry in Jamaica has played a big part in making the island grow, and there are a few business opportunities above that you might enjoy. Ensure that you have managed your office properly, you send money regularly, and you know how to manage emergencies using money transfers.

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