5 Ways To Avoid Facing Foreclosure And Save Your Home

Many homeowners are facing foreclosure every day. As a homeowner, you may be struggling with it yourself. Various reasons cause people to face foreclosure. Perhaps you lost your job. Your bills are becoming harder and harder to pay. Maybe you or an immediate family member suffered a medical crisis. The hospital bills could be adding up. You could have just started your own home healthcare business. The expenses could be high. Whatever the reason, you can still stop the foreclosure process. Read on to learn ways to avoid facing foreclosure and save your home.

Create A Budget

Foremost, create a budget to avoid facing foreclosure. Sit down and determine what is essential. Cable TV is not necessary to live. Likewise, you do not need a gym membership to survive. Start purchasing inexpensive grocery store items instead of going out to eat. On a smaller scale, make your coffee at home in the morning. You may not realize how much you spend on coffee every year when you purchase it every day. You can save a hefty amount of money through strategic cost cutting. Although it can take some time to get used to, creating a budget is essential to preventing foreclosure.

Refinance Your Loan

Another way to save your home from foreclosure is to refinance your loan. Numerous programs make this possible. Take the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) into consideration. HARP assists in refinancing mortgages. However, the program is only eligible for homeowners with homes that have declined in value. If your home has not decreased in value, look to the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). This program can help you lower your monthly mortgage payment. You can obtain more affordable payments for yourself by refinancing your loan. Then, you can avoid facing foreclosure and save your home.

Get A Note Modification

A note modification is also a way to prevent facing foreclosure. In contrast to refinancing a loan, a note modification does not replace the loan. Instead, it simply adjusts it to make it more affordable for you. To be granted a note modification, there are a few steps to take. Firstly, request a modification from your lender. Then, send over any paperwork they call for. Once all of your paperwork is in their hands, they can make a decision. Typically, if a homeowner has a good payment history and credit score, the lender will approve of the note modification. If you believe that you will qualify, a note modification is a great option for avoiding facing foreclosure.

Consider Forbearance

Another kind of agreement called a “forbearance” can also be made with your lender to save your home. A forbearance also decreases your payments. Note that this agreement is temporary. Depending on your lender, it can last between 3 and 12 months. Therefore, you will have a time limit for improving your financial situation. Once the time is up, you are required to repay what was delayed. With this in mind, you should consider forbearance if you are suffering a momentary financial crisis. If you have been struggling for years, this may not be the option for you to avoid facing foreclosure.

File For Bankruptcy

As a last resort, you can file for bankruptcy to stop facing foreclosure. Only choose this option if you are very near foreclosure. It is a good strategy to interrupt the foreclosure process. Upon filing, an automatic stay is formed. With an automatic stay, your lender is prohibited from foreclosing. Therefore, once you file for bankruptcy, your lender cannot possess your home. Then, you will have a few years to repay your debts. In some cases, lenders are able to lift the automatic stay. In such an event, the foreclosure process is still delayed for a couple of months. You can file for bankruptcy if no other option is available to you. In that case, it can save your home.

Take action if you are struggling financially and fear that you may be nearing foreclosure. You can do more than research passive income ideas. Firstly, create and maintain a budget. Another option is to refinance your loan. You can also get a note modification. Consider forbearance as a way to prevent foreclosure. Lastly, you can file for bankruptcy. You are now aware of ways to avoid facing foreclosure and save your home.

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