5 Ways To Earn Bank Promos Without Direct Deposit

Most banks offer promos to attract new customers to open accounts. Though many banks require customers to set up direct deposit when opening new accounts, some allow customers to take advantage of promos without that requirement. As a professional looking to set up a bank account, you likely want to earn promos without direct deposit. To avoid going through the inconvenience of signing up for direct deposit, know that you still have options. We will teach you about the numerous ways to earn bank promos without direct deposit.

Sign Up For Online Banking

Signing up for online banking is one easy way to earn bank promos without having to set up direct deposit. Most banks allow you to sign up on their website, so you do not even have to leave your home. After opening your new account, head over to the bank’s website and enter your information. In the 21st century, online banking is a must-have. You might as well take advantage of bank promotions that reward you for using it. A great way to earn bank promos without direct deposit is to sign up for online banking.

Allow For Paperless Statements

Another way to earn bank promos without having to sign up to direct deposit is by enabling paperless statements. Whether you need to open a bank account for non profit or you are simply a professional who needs a regular bank account, this is a great option to consider. Paperless banking is on the rise and banks will reward you for making the switch. Going paperless makes banking easier and faster for you. Paperless statements also prevent identity theft by making your information harder to access for thieves. Additionally, paperless statements are better for the environment. You will be helping the planet while getting paid to enable paperless statements. By allowing for paperless statements, you will be earning bank promos without direct deposit in a safer and eco-friendly way.

Maintain An Account Minimum

Another easy way to earn bank promos without direct deposit is by maintaining an account minimum. These minimums vary from bank to bank. Some banks have multi-tier minimum promos. In other words, the higher the minimum you maintain, the higher the cash bonus the bank will grant. This minimum is not a life-long commitment. Usually the bank requires that you maintain the minimum for at least 90 days, though that period could be shorter. By maintaining an account minimum for a few months, you can earn bank promos without direct deposit.

Put Funds Into Your Account

Consistently putting funds into your account is a simple way to earn bank promos. Similar to maintaining an account minimum, some banks offer milestone rewards. Many consumers benefit from these rewards programs. After opening a new account, some banks pay you for depositing money and keeping it in the account for a fixed time. Banks set milestones such as depositing funds totaling to $2,000 and then $5,000, which must be preserved to earn a bonus. This incites you to invest in the bank continually. If you want to earn bank promos without direct deposit, all you have to do is keep putting funds into your new account.

Use Your Debit Card

Some banks require that you use your debit card a certain number of times per month to earn a promo without setting up direct deposit. While you may not want to have a requirement to meet, many professionals are glad that the requirement is not for credit cards. Business owners do not enjoy overusing their business credit cards and consumers do not enjoy using theirs too much either. Fortunately, you can easily avoid falling into debt with this option. After depositing a fixed amount when you open the account, all you have to do is spend your money. Some banks require that you make a minimum of ten purchases within 90 days. This means that you will get paid for using your money. Using the card for your new account is a simple way to earn bank promos without setting up direct deposit.

Setting up direct deposit for a new account can be a hassle, but that does not mean you have to miss out on bank promos. You can earn promos through paperless banking by setting up online banking or enabling paperless statements. Maintaining an account minimum and continually putting funds into your account are easy ways to take advantage of bank promos. Additionally, you can collect on bank promos just by spending your own money. Now you know that there are still opportunities to earn bank promos without direct deposit.

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