How Tweedy Browne Funds Make International Investing Easy


You may have recently gained an interest in investing in a mutual fund that belongs to the big four. Perhaps you heard of some of the advantages investing in mutual funds provides. Tweedy Browne has been a leading name in the mutual funds sector of the financial industry for many years. If you are considering looking to investing in a mutual fund, Tweedy Browne funds can be a great option. This post will highlight some potential benefits of investing in a Tweedy Browne mutual fund for the individual investor.

Professional Advice

A huge advantage to investing in a mutual fund is the availability for professional advice. With Tweedy Browne, you are guaranteed to be receiving advice from some of the best in the business. Once you are invested in a mutual fund, you automatically receive a portfolio manager, just as you would with Yacktman. If you are new to the world of investing, this benefit is especially advantageous for you. A portfolio manager will frequently review your holdings and make suggestions for improvements. For novice investors, this can prove especially beneficial. However, if you are a seasoned veteran in investment, you may not appreciate this feature as much.

Easier International Investing

Tweedy Browne mutual funds include several global value fund options. These Tweedy Browne Global Value fund investments make it easier to invest outside the U.S. for less experienced investors. Investing globally is near impossible for beginner investors to do on their own. There are simply too many variables to account for. Tweedy Browne funds make it easier to invest in non-U.s. marketing equity securities. This helps diversify beginner portfolios to balance risk, which is excellent for those just starting out. With Tweedy Browne mutual funds, you do not have to be an investment banker to safely invest overseas.

Great Reputation

Tweedy Browne has an excellent company reputation. According to Morningstar, from 2000-2015, they ranked in the top 28th percentile for fund reputation. However this statistic does not factor in the Tweedy Browne fund’s peers that have closed. Really, their reputation is even higher among actively managed funds. Investing in a company with a great reputation is an incredible benefit. This allows you to have faith in the company behind your investment, which means less worry and less risk for your investments.

Low Buy-In Cost

Another huge benefit to investing in mutual funds is the lower premiums to start investment, much like those at Lightyear Capital. Typically, if you were to invest in similar securities on your own, you would have to make a principle investment that was much larger in order to meet certain criteria. With Tweedy Browne funds, you will be able to buy-in for a considerably lower rate. If you are new to the investment game, this is particularly valuable. You may be uncomfortable forking over large sums of money if you are not used to the risk associated with investing. With some initial investments as low as $100, you will not have to lose sleep over too much risk.

It Is Convenient

No matter whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, you are sure to enjoy the convenience of mutual fund investments. Tweedy Browne funds afford you the ability to buy or sell at the end of each business day. That means that any gains made can be reinvested as quickly as you would like. It is also just as simple to initially invest. Tweedy Browne provides four different funds for you to select from. You are sure to find one amongst the four that fits your personal needs. The convenience provided by Tweedy Browne funds cannot be understated for any investor considering the company.

Web Access

In addition to making investing itself as simple as possible, Tweedy Browne also makes staying up-to-date on portfolio performance as simple as ever. The company offers the added advantage of a web portal, just like Liberty Tax Service. This portal is specifically for use by investors to see how their investments are currently performing. In addition, you can also make quick changes to your account information. If you are an investor who prefers to conduct all business through the computer, Tweedy Browne funds are a great option for you.

Tweedy Browne is definitely one of the best investment definitions for you to familiarize yourself with. If you are considering investing in one of the Tweedy Browne mutual funds, be mindful of these advantages they provide. If you are a seasoned investor, you may not value the low buy-in costs or professional advice of Tweedy Browne funds. However, if you are new to the investment world, the ability to get advice from the experts may be a considerable advantage for you. No matter who you are, the convenience of Tweedy Browne funds is sure to appeal to you. Web access and ease of investment are two considerable advantages that Tweedy Browne funds have over the competition. Closely consider these benefits before you decide whether or not to invest in Tweedy Browne funds.

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