5 Features of the Best 401K Robo Advisor Solutions

According to a survey from March 2019, nearly 63% of Americans are confused about 401K retirement plans and exactly how they work. There are many ways to prepare for the future and having and maintaining a 401K is one of them. Many people don’t know how to master the idea that is the future but with the help of 401K robo advisors, stress will become a thing of the past as you start investing for retirement. By collecting financial information and future goal plans through an online survey, a robo advisor awards advice and invests clients’ assets automatically. Read on to find out the five best features of using a robo advisor to control your 401K.

High-Quality, Low-Cost Portfolios

One great thing about robo advisors is that they make sure they construct portfolios using low-cost, index-based ETFs, which can give you an 80%-90% chance of exceeding on anything else. While having an investment portfolio based on these ETFs, investing becomes a lot easier and more successful.

Portfolio Management

One of the most useful features of the robo advisor is the ability to build and control an investment account. Robo advisors open up the world of investing and saving without needing to do the work hands-on. While the goal is to put more money into your future, robo advisors help set goals, which could be a retirement plan, paying off college tuition, tuition reimbursement, or a home renovation, as well as determining the risks while investing, which many can’t do on their own.

Tax Efficiency

While it’s easy to invest in something that could quickly lose value, robo advisors use tax-loss harvesting which involves selling a valueless investment while replacing it with a similar investment and then using the investment sold at a loss to offset any gains, so by selling a security at a loss, investors avoid paying taxes on that income.

Automatic Portfolio Re-Balancing Technique

Robo advisors will buy and sell shares automatically to return it to your original asset ratio. If you start with 80% stock and a 20% bonds asset allocation, the economy could change and cause a rise in stock market index. This could be more than the bonds index, causing your stock to rise to 90% stock and 10% bonds. Notably, the robo advisor software can generate sale and buy orders automatically. This way, you can save significant time and energy, as you do not need to worry about rebalancing and maintaining your portfolio. Indeed, the robo advisor software can return the orders to your original assets. Absolutely, automatic rental portfolio rebalancing and other portfolio types is one of the top features of a robo advisor solution.


Before robo advisors, to complete a trade, a client would have to take time out their day to call and or meet with a financial advisor to explain their needs, complete paperwork and wait for results. Now, with the help of robo advisors, everything can be completed automatically or with a few clicks of a button. The use of robo advisors is to make sure you can focus on other things such as living your best life and working without having to worry about where your life investments are going.

Though there are many ways to invest and work with financial advisors, nothing seems as promising as the help from robo advisors. Robo advisors make sure you get the best support and advice you can get while also giving you amazing financial portfolios for a low cost. Many financial advisors charge 1% of assets under management while robo advisors charge only about .25% per year. When thinking about how to best distribute your money and wealth and future responsibilities, think about who is willing give you the most benefits.

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