5 Best Channel Management Software Features for Small Businesses

There are many channel management software features for small businesses. Several features of channel managers allow hoteliers to connect to more online channels, increasing online bookings. They also provide unrestricted two-way access to hundreds of booking channels, significantly expanding brand reach and recognition. As a hotel’s operational manager, channel manager features can significantly increase your hotel’s booking capacity and maximize profits. Read on to discover five of the best channel management software features for your small business.

Visibility Maximization

One of the most robust channel management features is visibility maximizations. Channel managers open your business up to wider local and domestic audiences that otherwise wouldn’t be reached. In fact, most management platforms have hundreds of connections to various online travel agencies. Of course, online directories for business increase your visibility, as well. This way, your brand reaches significant numbers of people it otherwise wouldn’t. Additionally, they can integrate with payment processors and other booking apps to expand your brand reach further. Surely, visibility maximizations provide maximum brand reach.


Synchronization across many channels is the main feature of most channel managers. They synchronize your inventory across hundreds of online booking channels, including several of the most popular. Your availability and rates are always kept in sync, and updated in real time. Any changes will instantly update your booking engine and all channels. This way, you save time, avoid double-and overbooking, and provide significant efficiency increases. Absolutely, synchronization features drastically streamline booking and update processes.

CRM Integrations

Many channel managers can integrate with various CRM platforms. By adding features such as asset management, mobile lead forms, deal registration, and lead sharing, these integrations significantly improve operational efficiency. Additionally, they can validate partners and automate payment as well as payout processes. When tracking partner activities, you can view revenue growth via CRM integrations. Of course, consult CRM marketing best practices to further leverage these advantages. Certainly, various CRM integrations provide significant efficiency improvements and marketing insights such as revenue growth.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive user interfaces make channel managers easy and efficient to use. Typically, they provide a robust dashboard that provides a streamlined view of your complete inventory. Many use various algorithms or machine learning to avoid double bookings automatically and other related errors. This way, these errors are significantly mitigated, and efficiency increases since you won’t need to deal with them. Additionally, the elimination of these errors often leads to increased customer satisfaction. Definitely, intuitive UIs provide massive efficiency increases and ease of use by eliminating common errors.

Insight Tracking

Moreover, channel managers can provide robust insight tracking you can use to help your business grow. Via consistent tracking of historical financial data, channel managers can help plan future budgets. Typically, channel managers can track revenue mixes across OTAs, as well as pre-booking and pickup trends across several channels. Additionally, they provide insights such as average room rates, occupancy charts, weekday and weekend booking trends, as well as other metrics. This way, insightful internet marketing benefits all involved. Of course, insight tracking enables channel managers to make higher quality, more accurate budget considerations.

There is a myriad of best channel management software features for small businesses. One such feature is the visibility maximization provided by posting availability across hundreds of channels. Another is the significant synchronization features that automate booking and updating processes. Third, CRM software integrations significantly increase operational efficiency and provide various insights such as revenue growth.
Additionally, intuitive UIs eliminate common errors, increasing efficiency. Finally, insight tracking allows you to harness data from the channel manager to make better budgeting decisions in the future. When wondering about the best channel management software features for small businesses, consider the features described above.

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