5 Features Of Best Free Project Management Software For Small Business

There are several features of the best free project management (PM) software for small business. Studies show that communication and accountability are employees’ biggest obstacles in the workplace. Many teams face difficulties managing multiple projects simultaneously, delegating tasks, and collaborating across different departments. Furthermore, inefficiency in your small business’s current project management system can lead to missed deadlines and employee stress. It can also keep you from meeting your annual goals, leading to major losses. Fortunately, there are many free project management software tools that can increase employee productivity with no additional cost. Read on to discover sophisticated features of the best free project management software for small business.

Virtual Collaboration

One major feature of the best free project management software is virtual collaboration. Many PM software enables multiple users to communicate online in the same central workspace at once. With this game-changing feature, you can conference with your teams and facilitate group work. In addition, you can create project task boards, so it is easy to track priorities. It often includes different feeds that update you in real-time on activity progress. Chat windows also allow workers to message one another. Tagging members via the ‘@’ symbol can help keep everyone in the loop. The best software also has file-sharing features, so members can collaborate on the same project at once. Utilize video chatting for business communications in order to streamline collaboration across your organization. With virtual collaboration, you can significantly improve employee communication and productivity in your business.

Kanban Boards

Moreover, Kanban boards is another free PM software feature that can improve your project teams’ performance. Kanban boards are an agile visual platform designed to maximize efficiency and workflow. Using card and column formatting, employees in your small business can delegate tasks to and manage their progress. In a Kanban board platform, you can set a work in progress (WIP) limit. For example, if your WIP limit is three tasks, you can only have three cards in the WIP column. When the column gets full, employees need to prioritize the WIP column to keep a continuous workflow. Kanban boards are an intuitive feature to improve team work ethic in your small business.

Gantt Chart Exportation

Gantt chart exportation is another one of the most advanced free project management software tools. Gantt charts are a great tool to track project schedules. Because they illustrate tasks and project phases, they are also beneficial for progress monitoring. Additionally, they can show how much resources are being used during each phase of the project. Manually creating a Gantt chart can be time-consuming. However, the best free PM software systems can generate the chart for your employees when they log time on specified tasks. Then, employees can export the Gantt charts into different storage apps. Gantt chart exportation is a valuable free project management software tool that can help boost motivation and monitor task progress.

Pomodoro Timer

The best free project management software typically includes a pomodoro timer. Ideally, using this timer, your employees will be able to log how much time they are spending on each particular task. This automated timing technique reminds your employees to work in short sprints and take brief breaks. This is shown to improve employee productivity. Some software allows your team members to record interruptions, so you can pinpoint what is causing workflow bottlenecks. In this way, you can propel your projects to the finish line more efficiently. Pomodoro timer techniques are an effective way to maximize team time management in your business.

Intelligent Automation

Furthermore, intelligent automation is another free PM software feature that can save your project teams time in your small business. These features can automate small business tasks throughout your organization. Many software systems have automated emails that can update your employees on task deadlines. In addition, you can set preferences for automated task delegation. This can save your employees time on deciding who is going to accomplish which priority. You can automatically calculate client and task phase costs compared to employee time spent. This gives you direct control and insight on project profitability. At the same time, it increases your team’s efficiency. Intelligent automation is a highly advanced tool that you can use to improve productivity with a free project management software system.

Once you decide to utilize project management software to maximize employee productivity in your small business, consider these sophisticated features. First, virtual collaboration can help break down communication barriers and facilitate teamwork. Gantt chart exportation allows you to track progress efficiently and motivate employees to complete tasks. In addition, Kanban boards can improve team workflow with visual organization and WIP monitoring. Another intuitive feature of free PM software is the pomodoro timer. Finally, intelligent automation can be another advanced way to boost project performance. Consider these features when seeking out the best free project management software for your small business.

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