5 Bookkeeping Qualifications To Look For In A New Hire

There are several bookkeeping qualifications to look for in a new hire. Of course, consider using a career recruiter to find a new employee. Find a potential hire who can maintain accurate financial transaction records and statements. More so, business bookkeepers need to prepare and send invoices while reporting data irregularities to management. As a business owner, you want a reliable bookkeeper to understand bookkeeping software, databases and spreadsheets. Here are the top bookkeeping qualifications to look for in a new hire.


First, the potential hire should have earned their bookkeeping degree. Ensure each candidate has received a high school diploma or GED certification. This is what would grant them access to an accredited college or university for a degree. Next, confirm that they have enrolled and completed an undergraduate degree program. Of course, you can hire a prospect with a 2-year bookkeeping or accounting associates degree. Or, the candidate can have a 4-year bachelor’s degree which usually gives them an advantage on bookkeeping education. Certainly, you want to hire a bookkeeper with an extensive accounting or bookkeeping degree.


Secondly, you may want to find a bookkeeper with the correct certifications. Most businesses and employers require bookkeeper certifications as an example of competency. For example, you may want to look further into candidates with “certified bookkeeper” credentials from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). With this certification, the prospect has completed 2 years of full time experience in the bookkeeping field. Additionally, they have passed an exam and are trained to abide by AIPD ethics. More so, they have become proficient in adjustments, error control, fraud prevention and payroll. Of course, you should consider hiring a bookkeeper with certification qualifications.

Industry Training

Next, hire a bookkeeper with the appropriate training. Of course, you want a hire that requires less on boarding training. In fact, you can cut costs with less onboarding training. Consider prospects that are familiar with your business’ system, software and practices. Additionally, your new hire should have skills pertaining to overdue account tracking, annual budgeting and payroll operations. Of course, you will have to train them on company password policies. More so, prospects with training in accounting, finance and budget analysis could make them a more effective hire. Definitely, hire a candidate with position based training qualifications.

Attention To Detail

Of course, your new hire should have qualifications of attention to detail. Your new hire should be able to record all types of important financial information. In fact, clients want to know their books are handled reliably with zero mistakes. Test candidates with bookkeeping quizzes that showcase their skills. For example, have them input numbers into spreadsheets. Confirm that they have made no mistakes such as wrong numbers being in the wrong cell. Or, give them a pre-filled spreadsheet and have them find errors. Surely, ensure your new hire has an eagle-eye attention to detail. 

Math And Communication Skills

Finally, look for prospects with math and communication skills. New hires should have numerical accuracy, an analytic mind and strong communication skills. Hiring a bookkeeper with numerical accuracy helps you simplify operations and keep files tidier. Of course, with an analytical mind, they will assist you in solving problems efficiently. In fact, they will work with you to get answers to any difficulty. Furthermore, a prospect with strong communication skills can connect with clients and coworkers. As a result, they can maintain all business relationships with trust and confidence. Certainly, hire a bookkeeper with math and communication qualifications.

There are various bookkeeping qualifications to look for in a new hire. First, ensure your new hire has completed the education qualification. Secondly, review each candidate’s certifications as “certified bookkeepers” may have more knowledge about the position than others. Next, hire a prospect with related training to avoid a long on boarding process. For example, if they have training as a financial accountant. Of course, you want your new hire to have attention to detail qualities to ensure less errors and quicker fixes. Finally, hire a bookkeeper with math and communication skills for simplified operations, problem solving and client relationships. These are the top bookkeeping qualifications to look for in a new hire.

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