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5 Criteria To Evaluate A Dental Office For Sale By Owner

There are several important criteria for evaluating a dental office for sale by owner. Of course, these criteria differs from those necessary to buy an apartment complex for sale, for example.  To assess purchase opportunities logically, many buyers consider the facts involved with potential practices. Additionally, these considerations help determine the office’s potential value. As a dentist, you can purchase ... Read More »

How to Get MWBE Certification To Start a Business

There are several steps to get MWBE certification to start a business. These certifications often grant businesses lucrative contracts set aside by government entities and enterprise corporations. Additionally, they demonstrate the business’s legitimacy and readiness to collaborate with entities of various sizes and sectors. As a minority female entrepreneur, provide federal contracts and tax incentives, as well as several growth ... Read More »

How To Find The Right Industrial Rental Warehouse Space For Your Business

For businesses that deal with large products or many types of products, renting a warehouse is a common storage solution. A rental space allows for greater flexibility in business dealings as it is typically maintained by a separate company. Furthermore, many commercial office complexes and sublet office spaces are not zoned for warehousing goods. Managers wishing to take advantage of ... Read More »

5 Considerations For Planning An Extended Business Trip

The business industry has changed drastically in the last year. Hybrid remote working, Zoom meetings and flexible working have become the new normal – replacing the traditional work office model. With this new style of working comes an entirely different approach to business trips and international travel. In the next few years, there are likely to be far fewer business ... Read More »

5 Best Corporate Registered Agent Services For Online Companies

There are many great corporate registered agent services for online companies. These agents receive various documents related to compliance, process of service notices, and government contracts and communications on behalf of an LLC. Corporate agents also protect the business owner’s privacy, as they receive correspondence instead of the owner. Additionally, they often help businesses file taxes and stay up-to-date on ... Read More »

5 Important M&A Due Diligence Checklist Items To Confirm

There are several key m&a due diligence checklist activities for buying a business. In fact, most buyers evaluate prospective businesses using these checklists. By determining a prospective business’s commercial potential, these buyers judge whether the business can fulfill their specific needs. Additionally, extensive appraisal of business assets and liabilities often streamlines ownership transitions and offers a more complete picture of ... Read More »

The Best Businesses To Own In The Year 2021

Can you think of something popular right now? If you would like to see a product being sold, what will that be? The answers to this question may change from time to time. We are no longer living in the year that was. This year, 2021, means that there are going to be more things that people would want. You ... Read More »

5 Tips For Arcade Franchises To Retain Customers

How to retain customers is a question that every business owner and manager has to ask, and arcade franchises are no different. Retaining customers is cheaper and more profitable than gaining new customers, with studies estimating that it’s 10 times as expensive to gain a new customer than to keep a current one. Long term customers also spend more money ... Read More »

Where To Find Established Business For Sale

There are many places to find established businesses for sale. Entrepreneurs often purchase established businesses because they’re at least somewhat proven to be profitable. Additionally, buying an established business eliminates the need to build a consumer base or hire employees. As an entrepreneur, harness previously established cash flows and marketing efforts by purchasing an established business. Read on to discover ... Read More »

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