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5 Aspects Of An Effective Joint Venture Contract

Laying out the terms of an agreement is an important first step in any joint venture contract. Imagine your venture is in real estate. If you were fixing up a property in the hopes of selling for a profit, you would need to state how things will be handled if the property fails to sell. You would also need to ... Read More »

5 Reasons To File Articles Of Incorporation For LLC Owners

The decision to convert a sole proprietorship into an LLC or corporation is a big step. In order to conduct business legally, an LLC or corporation must incorporate with the state. When filing to establish a business entity, entrepreneurs must file articles of incorporation, providing information about the business. Typically, this information is available to the public. As you are ... Read More »

4 Steps To Follow After Company Vehicle Accidents

A report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 60% of company vehicle incidents happen during an employee’s free time. Driving a company car is a privilege offered to loyal and top-notch employees. If you are lucky to enjoy this benefit, you don’t have to worry about automobile expenses. Employers take care of all vehicle expenses, from paying ... Read More »

Does Your Business Car Lease Meet Tax Deduction Requirements?

Business owners are constantly considering leasing business vehicles. In comparison to ownership, leasing allows you low monthly payments and the ability to frequently change vehicles. While this allows you to constantly stay up with new models and features, there are several other considerations you must evaluate before deciding to lease a vehicle. Most importantly, is being able to deduct leased ... Read More »

What To Look For In A Credit Report For Landlords

Prior to accepting new renters, it is crucial to include a landlord credit report in your tenant screening process. Landlord credit reports are not only limited to actual credit scores and ratings. In fact, by running a report through the proper services you can learn much more about prospective tenants. As a landlord, it is necessary to screen a variety ... Read More »

An Agent Guide To Running A Successful Real Estate Business

Many real estate agents are looking for the essential guide to operating their business. Running a successful real estate business takes a lot of effort and hard work. It is certainly not a 9 to 5 job so if that’s what you are looking for, then this is probably not the right business for you. Granted, it can get easier once ... Read More »

5 Ways A Small Business Inventory Tracking System Manages Product Levels

When deployed correctly, small business inventory tracking systems greatly improve product level management. Even small business owners need some form of inventory management to control incoming, outgoing, and current stock. Business owners have traditionally managed stock manually, however new inventory management software is revolutionizing the process for modern small businesses. If you are interested in the ways a small business ... Read More »

5 Types Of Commercial Construction Insurance Polices Builders Need

Builders nowadays need to acquire a significant amount of protection in terms of insurance before breaking ground on projects. As with any construction efforts, danger is present, and the risk of you or one of your employees getting injured is constantly a factor. Without sufficient protection, you may encounter significant fines or legal consequences should a claim be filed against ... Read More »

5 Ways Sports Is Rapidly Evolving As A Global Business

With globalization becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society, popular athletic sports are beginning to be effected by international business impacts. Globalization has become a central theme of business over the last four decades. With the expansion of globalization has come the introduction of global sports as business. It is one that has rapidly accelerated in the internet era. But is also an ... Read More »

How To Form An S Corp With An Existing LLC

Many business owners are becoming interested in transitioning their businesses into S corporations. By filing under Sub-chapter S of the Internal Revenue Code, businesses are entitled to a number of tax benefits. Most notably receiving a single level of tax, and significant discounts on payroll taxes. If you have an existing LLC, you may already meet the eligibility requirements without ... Read More »

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