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5 Ways Texting Services For Businesses Creates New Opportunities

An underutilized tool in business is texting. Texting services for businesses are SMS services that enable messages to be received or sent through a new 5 digit short code number on your mobile, home phone, or computer. As a business owner, you should take advantage of every tool at your disposal. Texting services have a wide variety of functions that ... Read More »

5 Cold Calling Tips For Higher Closing Rates And Growth

Cold calling can be a chilling activity for any aspiring salesperson. At it’s core, unexpected interactions can feel deeply discomforting for both the salesperson and the potential customer. Not everyone is born with that easy charisma or silver tongue. However, success in sales isn’t determined solely through natural talent. The best salespeople have an unparalleled work ethic to grow company ... Read More »

How To Grow Your Small Business Using LinkedIn

When many small business owners decide to use social media to grow their companies, they typically turn to sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, there is one additional social media platform that is commonly overlooked. That platform is LinkedIn. With more than 500 million active members, LinkedIn has the ability to connect you with a huge number of people ... Read More »

How To Join The Sharing Economy With Your Business

As the times change, people and businesses must adapt and innovate to thrive. One of the most disruptive changes in modern industry is the emergence of the sharing economy. Also known as collaborative consumption, the sharing economy marks a philosophical shift in the concept of ownership. Whereas people once preferred to own products and goods, there are networks of people ... Read More »

5 Suggestions For A Business To Buy In An Established Industry

More and more entrepreneurs start small businesses, but many don’t consider buying them. Buying a small business can be a smart way for a new entrepreneur to get into business. Buying a business gives you immediate customer base and an existing brand. It also protects your investment from mistakes often made by entrepreneurs in the start-up stage. Just like a ... Read More »

5 Tips For Mixing Business With Pleasure Successfully

Everyone will advise you not to mix business with pleasure. Have you ever asked yourself why? Numerous entrepreneurs accept this norm without questioning themselves why they should do it. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have freedom. You need to be free to follow your beliefs and to spend your time in the way you want. ... Read More »

How To Buy Wholesale Retail Bags That Enhance Your Business

Retail or shopping bags are an important tool for any small retail business. Every business needs a practical way for its customers to carry purchases home. However, a well thought out bag can be so much more. It can enhance a brand or serve as free advertising for a store. A poorly designed one can inconvenience customers, or even risk ... Read More »

5 Reasons To Use A Business Plan Builder For New Ventures

Business planning is the most crucial part of becoming an entrepreneur. In order to start your own business, you need to have a guide for yourself to follow. That is where the business plan comes in. Creating your own business plan is no easy feat, however. That is why there are so many business plan builders available to help entrepreneurs ... Read More »

Sleeping For Success: Why Sleep Is Good For Business

A third of American adults report that they get less than the recommended amount of sleep, according to data from the CDC. Sleep is essential for optimum brain function, including in concentration, productivity, cognition and performance, which means that not only is it important for individuals; it’s important for business. Nothing’s going to change the importance of a steady supply ... Read More »

How To Sell Digital Products On Your Own Platform

The e-commerce industry is booming and most businesses want to be able to sell their digital goods on their own platform. For business owners who sell and distribute digital goods, it’s important to use your own platform rather than mass distributors such Amazon or EBay. Additionally, when selling digital products on your own platform, the platform should be designed properly, ... Read More »

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