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How To Conduct A LLC Availability Name Search

For a limited liability company to succeed in the increasingly competitive market, it needs to operate with a unique brand name. As the owner of a LLC, you may need to conduct a LLC availability name search for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular reasons that LLC owners need to conduct searches is because they are planning ... Read More »

Green & Greens: The Money Behind Golf Courses

Owning a golf course can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have any previous experience. However, unlike many other businesses, a golf club can be successfully run as long as you know the game and educate yourself on updated strategies and practices. Contrary to popular belief, mixing business with pleasure can lead to success. If you have loved the game ... Read More »

5 Strategies To Negotiate Your Restaurant Lease Agreement

Possibly the most well-known single piece of advice for any aspiring entrepreneur is the age-old adage of “Location, location, location.” Choosing the right spot can make or break a restaurant regardless of the food’s quality, the chefs’ talents, and the ambience of the interior. If you manage to find that perfect location however, the next step is negotiating a restaurant ... Read More »

How Chargeback Insurance Defends Against Fraud Activity

When should a merchant consider buying chargeback insurance, also known as a chargeback warranty? It might seem obvious to a Merchant that chargeback insurance is an obvious and necessary protection for their business. Wine franchise owners and retail store owners alike invest in plans. Chargeback insurance only covers chargebacks that are fraudulent, so many would correctly assume that chargeback insurance ... Read More »

5 Ways To Become A Community Minded Business

Many business owners and staff dream of connecting their companies to the local community in a meaningful way. For some, this goal can finally be achieved only after years of hard work. Other businesses factor community into their business model from the beginning and aim to build these relationships from the outset. They begin by conducting small business event marketing ... Read More »

How To Apply For Government Grants For Small Businesses

Government grants can be a vital source of funding for the small business entrepreneur. Grants have long been a major driver of growth and operations in the nonprofit world, but small businesses can equally benefit from the many opportunities provided by the state and federal government to expand operations, develop new products or services, and better serve their consumers and ... Read More »

How To Meet LLC Publication Requirements In Your State

If your new business is an LLC, you may need to follow the LLC publication requirements in your state. Starting a new business can require an extraordinary amount of compliance. Several states still require new LLCs to publish a notice of their formation in newspapers. It is a relatively straightforward process compared to incorporating a business, but failure to comply ... Read More »

5 Small Business Brokers Traits To Sell Your Business

If you’re looking to sell your small business without a broker, you have to be your own salesperson. Small business brokers can help you sell your business, but sometimes it makes sense to do a buyout agreement alone. As helpful as sales professionals can be, there are times when selling your business yourself can be the better option. You may ... Read More »

5 Tips For Doing Business In Saudi Arabia Respectfully

As Saudi Arabia’s economy prospers, doing business in Saudi Arabia becomes more profitable. Business owners like yourself should consider the advantages of partaking in international business ventures in Saudi Arabia. Whether you want to expand your travel business or gain international clients for your technology business, Saudi Arabia could be a good fit. Between the country’s tourists and organizations, it ... Read More »

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