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Why Is Liability Insurance Necessary For Contractors And Their Businesses?

Many people view insurance as protection against unknown risks. But that’s not exactly true. These policies protect against foreseeable risks. For example, it is foreseeable, although not inevitable, that a soldier will be shot in battle or a firefighter will get wet when responding to a structure fire. General liability insurance (GL) policies protect your business against foreseeable risks. It ... Read More »

How To Become A Coffee Franchise Owner For Less

The average American spends a lot of money on coffee every month. You would be wise to get into the billion dollar coffee market. However, starting a coffee business can be very challenging. After all, there are many dominant coffee franchises like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks franchise and Tim Hortons (in Canada). Despite the intense competition between coffee franchises, you can ... Read More »

4 Ways Your Business Benefits From Professional Indemnity Insurance

There are many forms of security and protection that a modern business requires, from taking measures to reduce cyber threats to practical steps for safeguarding premises. There is also another area that must be considered: insurance. Depending on the industry, a business may need several types of insurance, including professional indemnity. But before we discuss the benefits of this insurance, ... Read More »

How Corporate Retreats Benefit Business Back In The Office

Many businesses host corporate retreats to allow some time for employees to bond. These team retreats have far-reaching benefits beyond just the team-building strategies they instill in employees though. There are a number of considerable advantages provided to business as a whole. You, the business owner should certainly take the time to learn about the ways these corporate retreats could ... Read More »

Common Types Of Commercial Leases That Benefit Business Renters

When it comes to commercial real estate, things are not always simple for those looking to lease. Depending on who you are doing business with, you could be looking at an entirely different type of real estate deal. There are actually several different types of commercial leases that you could encounter in your timing looking for commercial real estate for ... Read More »

Interesting Workforce Mobility Trends Influencing Business Industries

Workforce mobility statistics have a huge impact on all businesses. The general mobility of the working population influences wages and unemployment figures. Obviously, those are two things that matter a whole lot to business owners like you. Find out the workforce mobility trends that will be affecting all your business hiring decisions in the coming years below. Millennial Workforce Working ... Read More »

4 Exponential Organizations Characteristics Define Business Structure

Exponential Organizations is not just the title of one of the best-selling business books of the year. These types of organizations actually do exist. Further, an exponential organization can be beneficial to entrepreneurs like yourself in a number of different ways. Learn all about exponential organizations and the characteristics that define these business structures below. What Are Exponential Organizations? An ... Read More »

Hottest Small Business Insurance Trends For All Owners

Previously, the business insurance market catered to the large corporations and enterprise companies. The commercial insurance policies were larger packages that allowed for plenty of cost savings. However, the are new developments in the insurance industry. As growth has stagnated for quite a while, many insurance providers are finding opportunities with small business owners. If you are an owner, you ... Read More »

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