5 Unique Charitable Gifts For Giving Back To Those In Need

There are several unique charitable gifts for giving back to those in need. Charitable gifts come in many shapes and sizes, whether volunteering at the local library or making a large cash donation. These acts of gratitude benefit local communities and help businesses promote corporate goodwill. In terms of time, money, and effort, finding the right charitable gifts isn’t always easy. As a business owner, you’ll want to get familiar with the most acceptable kinds of gifts and donations you can offer to your local charity. Read on to learn about the unique charitable gifts for giving back to those in need.

Real Estate

First off, real estate is a unique charitable gift to give back to those in need. Instead of selling property paying expensive taxes on properties you no longer desire, donate them to charity. Even if you still live there, you can make it a charitable contribution by transferring ownership of the deed when you die. The value of your estate will be subtracted from your property. Of course, this will qualify as a tax deductible donation and allow you to support your preferred organization. You can even apply for cost-savings tax deductions, which will be equal to the fair market value of your property. Then, you’ll have extra capital to donate to your favorite local nonprofits. Surely, real estate is a unique charitable gift for giving back to those in need.


Next, donate cash as a unique charitable gift for giving back. Of course, cash donations are one of the most popular methods of giving. To take a unique approach, you should transfer cash to the public charity directly and immediately. Or, you can donate funds to get family members and friends involved in philanthropy. If you have generational wealth, appoint your future children to make their own decisions for the remainder of their lives. Plus, you can deposit cash into an account to grow your charitable funds over time. Therefore, you can donate money to charity and advise how the donation should be invested. Certainly, there are plenty of unique cash donations for giving back to society.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles can be another unique charitable gift for giving back to those in need. Water bottles are great gifts for everyone. These cheap eco-friendly, charitable presents have their own attractive look, customizable designs, and brand-able potential. With your purchase, you can help those in need lower their carbon footprint and consume water safely. Also, many large bottle companies directly contribute money towards notable non-profit organizations like Red Cross and UNICEF. This way, you can give back to those who need it most with your purchase of an insulated, stainless steel reusable water bottle. Certainly, reusable water bottles are excellent, unique charitable gifts for giving back to those in need.


Also, candles are great options for unique charitable gifts to support those in need. There is no such thing as having too many candles. Candle companies often sell their products to support those in need. Even on their own, they provides solar light to those without electricity in rural parts of the world. Donating candles, you can supercharge your business’s corporate giving and philanthropic efforts. Typically, these donate-able candles come in multiple packs and offer different scents. Plus, they are made with eco-friendly materials like soy and coconut wax to emit a strong fragrance. This means you can preserve your company’s sustainable operations in the process. For sure, candles are some of the best unique charitable gifts for giving back to those in need.

Charity Gift Cards

Another great type of charitable present and donation for those in need are gift cards. These are a great gift for recipients that already have everything they need. They can use these cards and donate the full value to their preferred charity. Some of the largest gift card providers are currently partnered with nearly two-million charities and nonprofit organizations. This means your recipients will have plenty of options for donation. Of course, these cards can be customized to make them unique and personalized to your recipient. Plus, they can be printed out and sent with an attractive eco-friendly, biodegradable card. Or, you can have the card delivered electronically as an online donation for non-profit organizations. Definitely, gift cards are one of the best unique charitable items to give those in need.

There are several unique charitable gifts for giving back to those in need. First off, you make your real estate into a charitable contribution. Then, donate cash to receive a tax deduction. Next, reusable water bottles are practical and convenient gifts. Also, candles are made with high quality materials to brighten the recipient’s day. Of course, charity gift cards are eco-friendly, bio-degradable presents. Read the points above to learn about the several unique charitable gifts for giving back to those in need.

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