5 Compelling LinkedIn Post Types To Break Through the Noise

LinkedIn has at least 500 million individual users. Tens of millions of companies and independent entrepreneurs have corporate pages on the platform. Their posted content collectively generates billions of impressions.

That’s a lot of noise — and a lot of opportunity to reach current and prospective customers, employees, partners, and domain experts. Use these five effective post types to break through the noise and get your company and its content noticed on the world’s most popular B2B social medium.

Company Announcements

While press release aggregators will probably always have their place, posting company announcements on your corporate LinkedIn page is a great way to cut out the middleman and take your message directly to its intended audience. It’s cheaper, too — a strong LinkedIn strategy doesn’t require too many additional resources, after all.

For maximum exposure, cross-post key company announcements on your LinkedIn page and blog. Then, send an email blast to your media contact list with the full-text release in the body and a link to the original LinkedIn post.

Employee Interviews And Bios

Sure, your employees all have (or should have) their own LinkedIn profiles, but that doesn’t mean they’re closely associated with your company’s own LinkedIn presence. Use your firm’s LinkedIn page to highlight the rockstars on your team — and make it clear to the competition that you have some heavy hitters on your side.

Employee profiles don’t have to be rote. Betterworks’ LinkedIn page, for example, features short, snappy interviews peppered with frank questions, human-scale details, and a dedicated hashtag (#BetterWorkerSpotlight). Profiles don’t have to be serious, either: One of Betterworks’ funnier “employee” posts spotlights Bacon the (friendly) office snake, who (sources assure us) is very happy in a new home and not dead.

Abbreviated Case Studies

Whittle down full case studies to no more than 1,200 words: long enough to set the stage and develop each conclusion, but short enough for readers to consume in a single sitting. Include an outbound link to the full version, preferably in PDF form on your website. Tease the key takeaways at the top of the post — above the “see more” button — to catch distracted scrollers.

Blog Snips

Take the same approach to re-posted blog content. Post an abbreviated or condensed snippet of every longform blog post that appears on your corporate website, with teaser takeaways up top. Liven up below-the-fold content with a well-placed meme or chart. Call out individual employees, peer firms, and industry thought leaders by name wherever appropriate. Increase the chances that they’ll respond by live-linking to their LinkedIn profiles.

Calls To Action

No, we’re not talking about blatantly commercial entreaties here. A call to action can — and should — be more subtle: a pitch to sign up for an upcoming trade show or conference at which your company will be featured, for instance. If you work in enough high-quality, non-promotional content marketing between your CTAs, your readers won’t mind the ask.

Make Your Posts More Compelling

You’ve got these five compelling post types down pat. Now all that’s left to do is to compose some compelling posts. Before you put your creative hat on, make sure you practice all this tips in our guide to writing compelling LinkedIn company page posts.

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