Core Competencies You Need For A Successful HR Management Career

If you are an HR professional who wants to work their way up the corporate ladder, becoming an HR manager is the way to go. However, as with any other job, there are core competences that are a must for HR managers. Find out what these core competencies are for HR professionals looking to become HR managers in the post below.

Commitment To Learning

If you want to become an HR manager, you need to have a commitment to learning. Professional development is a must for HR managers. Human Resources is an ever-changing environment. That is why this position requires a dedication to continuing education even more so than other professions. There are plenty of HR certification programs to keep you going throughout your career. Make sure you have a commitment to lifelong learning if you want to become an HR manager with the skills to do the best job possible.

Multicultural Intelligence

Obviously, HR managers will encounter all different walks of life throughout their career. That is why it is so important to have knowledge of all different types of cultures, religions and other differences. Without cross-cultural intelligence, you will be unable to create a tolerant, positive workplace environment. You absolutely must have knowledge of and sensitivity to all different cultures and creeds. Make sure that you are comfortable with all different types of people if you want to take on an HR management position. This is much more important than knowing every detail about your company’s health insurance plan.


HR management will also require a ton of flexibility. In the HR field, all different variables are changing at all times. That is why flexibility is a one of the most important core competencies for HR careers. You must be able to adjust your approaches based on changing industry trends, business organizational structures and more. If you are not flexible and adaptable to an ever-changing work environment, HR management is not the career for you.

Organizational Skills

HR managers juggle many, many different projects and responsibilities all at once. That is why organizational skills are another one of the most important competencies required for HR managers. Without the needed organizational skills, you will be unable to keep on top of all your different projects, like the onboarding process. This will negatively impact project outcomes. That, of course, will negatively impact your career in HR. Make sure you are an organized person if you plan on becoming an HR manager.


Communication is absolutely a core competency for all types of HR professionals. However, it is especially important in a managerial position. You must be able to communicate effectively with your team. But you also must be able to employ communication skills to help solve disputes and facilitate conversations among other employees and stakeholders. If you do not know how to adapt your communication to any situation or audience, HR management may not be the career for you.

The competencies above are the core competencies required by anyone looking to become an HR manager in the near future. HR management responsibilities require cross-cultural intelligence, communication, flexibility, organizational skills and a lifelong commitment to learning. If you feel you have what it takes to become an HR manager, good luck nailing your panel interview! You are sure to have a lifelong, rewarding career in Human Resources as long as you meet the core competencies above.

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