Top Content Marketing Certification Programs To Prove Professional Proficiency

Content marketing is one of the most rapidly growing areas of employment right now. Because of this, many marketing professionals are clamoring to prove their content marketing skills with online business certificate programs. There are many ways to do this, as there are a ton of different content marketing courses and certifications online. But as with any type of professional certification, there are some content marketing certification programs that are better than others. If you are a marketing professional looking to provide a paper trail to prove your proficiency in content marketing strategies, keep reading. Below, you will find the most reputable content marketing certification courses online to help boost your marketing career.

AMA PCM Content Marketing

The AMA PCM content marketing certification is one of the most credible and reputable marketing certifications available. Any certification from the American Marketing Association is going to benefit your career. This is certainly true about their AMA PCM content marketing certification program. The American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer certification has long been established as one of the best marketing certifications for professionals to pursue. Now, the AMA Professional Certified Marketer Content Marketing certification is available to prove your prowess in content writing. If you are looking for one of the best content marketing certifications available online, the AMA PCM Content Marketing certification course is it.

DMA Content Marketing

The Data and Marketing Association Content Marketing certificate is one of the top online content marketing certification programs available to marketing professionals. The DMA Content Marketing certification course gives marketers key content process strategies to leverage marketing assets across all different channels. Then upon completion of the course, participants will be eligible to sit for the content marketing certification exam. The DMA Content Marketing certificate course is a great way to learn the basics of content marketing and get certified in one fell swoop. If you want to brush up on content marketing strategies before you apply for content marketing certification, the DMA Content Marketing certificate course is certainly a great option to consider.

OMI Content Marketing

Another one of the top marketing courses online is offered by the Online Marketing Institute. The Online Marketing Institute Content Marketing certificate course provides a comprehensive overview of complex content marketing material. Upon successful completion of the OMI Content Marketing course, participants will be able to create strategic content marketing plans, optimize content and much more. They will also receive a content marketing certificate that demonstrates successful completion of the OMI courses. The Online Marketing Institute certifications are some of the best recognized in the marketing field. That is why this is one of the most reputable content marketing certification programs to participate in.

Rutgers University Mini MBA

Rutgers University’s mini MBA digital marketing program is another great program that allows marketers to prove their cnotent marketing skills. Rutgers University online mini MBA program allows marketers to specialize in a 12 week digital marketing certificate course to get their MBA in USA. The entire program takes just 40 hours to complete. That makes it one of the best content marketing certification programs for marketers looking to get certified in a hurry. In addition, the Rutgers mini MBA programs are run much like a traditional college course, with a dedicated college professor assigned to the course. If you want an in-person, comprehensive academic experience, the content marketing program at Rutgers University is one of the best certification programs available.

Content Marketing Institute Certification

Of course, the Content Marketing Institute offers one of the best online content marketing certifications available. The Content Marketing Institute certification program opens enrollment twice a year into their content marketing certification course. Over 25% of all Fortune 100 companies have students representing them in this course. That is why it is one of the best content marketing certification programs for marketing professionals to pursue. If the Fortune 100 companies think this is a worthwhile content writing certification, you can safely assume they are right. Consider the CMI content marketing certification course if you want your resume to stand out when applying to Fortune 100 companies.

Marketing experts have no shortage of marketing certifications to choose from. The hard part is choosing the best content marketing certification program to pursue. Attending the right content marketing certificate course could have a beneficial impact on your marketing career. So, you want to be sure to get this right. Consider the top content marketing certification courses detailed above. These content marketing programs are some of the best ways to get certified in content marketing online. That way, you can prove your prowess in the field and give your career a boost. Hiring managers are sure to be wowed by any of the content marketing certification programs detailed above when they come across your resume on Zip Recruiter.

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