5 Content Marketing Team Roles For A Winning Structure

Quality content marketing teams yield high ROIs. As a marketing professional looking to upgrade your content marketing tactics, you need to establish a content marketing team. You need more than just a content distribution network to achieve your digital marketing dreams. The most successful teams base their structures off of the most crucial roles and responsibilities. Many marketers believe that they really only need to focus on hiring writers. However, profitable content marketing teams consist of numerous other roles. If you designate each element of content marketing to a reliable, talented professional, you will achieve your goals. Continue reading to learn the top content marketing team roles for a winning structure.

SEO Analyst

One of the most significant jobs in a content marketing team is SEO analyzing. For this reason, you need to find an experienced SEO analyst to join your team. The job responsibilities revolve around driving traffic to your website. You may have created SEO marketing campaigns in the past and implemented a few search engine optimization tactics. A qualified candidate has the resources and experience to amplify the tactics you previously used. Such candidates know how to measure performance and track campaign results. They also identify new, highly successful trends and implement them to increase your page views. If you want to increase your ROI, you need to find a hard-working SEO analyst for your content marketing team.

Graphic Designer

Another essential content marketing team role to fill is graphic designer. Many marketers fail to realize the importance of images within long pages of text. While consumers do open articles and blog posts to read information, the amount of words can feel daunting. Photos also assist consumers in understanding the points of the articles. Numerous consumers exit out of posts that do not have any pictures in them whatsoever. To avoid overwhelming consumers and engage them at the same time, hire for a content marketing team graphic designer.

Social Media Expert

Also, look for an engaging social media expert to join your content marketing team. Search for candidates who are emersed in social culture and understand multiple social media platforms. After all, you want to promote your content on as many channels as possible. Many businesses find success in Facebook advertisements, Instagram promotions and Snapchat stories. Hire a professional who has experience operating business social media accounts. That way, they will know the differences between business and non-business accounts. In turn, they can take advantage of the opportunities business accounts have. They can reach your target audience through quality posts and captions. More so, they can persuade consumers to purchase products through various means. For example, social media experts establish brand influencer partnerships to increase engagement. Your content marketing team cannot be complete without a social media expert.


Successful content marketing teams have editors as well. Even if you hire the best candidates possible, errors can still occur. To provide consumers with top-notch content on a daily basis, find an editor. Your editor’s job entails catching mistakes in each and every article posted to your website. If you want a second set of eyes for social media accounts, your editor can double check those posts as well. To find an editor who can guarantee error-free work, look for candidates with optimal grammar and spelling skills. When job-seekers come in for interviews, request that they edit pieces of work in the office. Then, you can gain insight into how well they work and how quickly they can complete tasks. After all, your content marketing team likely creates tons of pieces on a daily basis. Find a professional who can edit all of them efficiently.


Lastly, you need a content marketing team manager to complete your structure. Your manager needs to have the top marketer traits. The position requires a professional who has experience in multiple areas. Firstly, they need to have managerial experience. You need proof that they can appropriately manage a team. Your manager’s primary role is to ensure that your content remains relevant and effective. Only then can you drive traffic and, therefore, increase profits. The best content marketing managers make decisions based off of the entire company’s goals. They also monitor employee activity and motivate workers to complete their tasks on time. A manager is one of the most critical content marketing team roles.

Marketing professionals build content marketing teams to increase their profits. To do so, you need to hire for the right roles. For instance, the best content marketing teams have SEO analysts who drive traffic to their websites. They also have graphic designers who create artwork to add to articles. Social media experts assist teams in reaching more consumers through multiple platforms. Editors review content to ensure that your team promotes only the highest quality work. Additionally, teams need managers to keep every other team member on track. Hire for these content marketing team roles to create a winning structure.

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