5 Exciting Ideas For Corporate Team Building Workshops

Team building workshops are an excellent method to provide skills, training and resources to employees. As a manager, you should seek to involve employees in team building exercises that are unique, fun, and creative. When done correctly, managers can entertain their workers to increase satisfaction in the office. Simultaneously, they can educate and motivate employees while improving productivity in the workplace. Read this post to learn the best ideas for corporate team building workshops.

Community Service

An effective way to increase employee morale is to engage in some form of community service. No matter the physical location of any business, there will always be deserving causes seeking assistance. Employees can participate in cleaning public spaces, assisting in shelters, or donating to the less fortunate. Such activities not only strengthen employee relationships, but also provide assistance to good causes. Community service can be an effective and rewarding idea for your next team building workshop.

Campfire Stories

Campfire stories are another method of effective team building. It simply requires employees and managers to share stories in a relaxed environment. Doing so serves an ice breaker for new or remote employees. At the same time, it can highlight similarities and connections between co-workers, promoting an attitude of gratitude. Active participation in this activity can create new friendships, and comfortably introduce employees. Implementing campfire stories is a simple, enjoyable, and inexpensive idea for your team building workshops.

Escape Room

Escape Rooms are also becoming an increasingly interesting and unique way to motivate employees through team building. These rooms engage employees to ‘escape a room’ through a series of challenges and puzzles. These rooms not only encourage, but require employees to work together.  Participating in such an event tests employees leadership, teamwork, strategy, and time-management skills. Additionally, escape rooms are a unique alternative to traditional in-office exercises, and have the potential to better engage your workers. Escape rooms are an increasingly fun and popular activity to promote team building in your office.

Office Trivia

A simple, cost-effective, yet interesting way to conduct a team building workshop is through office trivia. Office Trivia tests your employees’ knowledge of the workplace and each other. Office Trivia enables your employees to recollect positive memories and encourages them to bond with each other. It is another form of team building that not only strengthens team relationships, but tests employees’ knowledge of your business and each other. As well as being fun and easy to establish, office trivia will be a major tool to utilize in team building workshops.

Board Game Tournament

Another interesting way to encourage team building and employee relationships is through a board game tournament. This is another team building activity that can involve employees across different departments. You may also further incentivize your employees with prizes for first, second, and third place. Board game tournaments are additionally easy and inexpensive to establish. Additionally, they almost always generate enthusiasm among employees. A board game tournament is a unique and interesting activity to consider for your team building workshops.

Implementing frequent, unique, and enjoyable team building workshops is a fantastic method to boost employee morale and company culture. Managers can strive to implement rewarding and charitable activities through community service. They can also seek to learn more about managing their people through campfire stories, and test employees knowledge of each other through office trivia. You can also view your employees’ leadership, strategic, and collaborative abilities by taking part in an escape room. Finally, you should consider implementing a board game tournament to increase cross-company communication and promote competitiveness. Consider making these activities a part of your upcoming corporate team building workshops.

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