How To Create A Social Media Calendar

Many of today’s marketing professionals have been turning to social media calendars due to their proliferation throughout the internet. These calendars are used to organize and plan social media posts and content in advance. Using the best editorial calendar tools, marketing professionals can schedule posts days, weeks, or even months in advance, saving them time. Additionally, many marketers use them for editorial content that provides a template for social media postings. As a marketing professional, you should be searching for ways to improve productivity and organization. Read on to discover how to create a social media calendar for editorial content.

Consider Social Networks And Content

Considering your existing social media channels and networks, as well as their content, is the first step in creating a social media calendar for editorial content. Auditing your current social media endeavors will highlight areas for improvement and display new content opportunities. Therefore, doing an audit is imperative in honing your marketing strategies and maximizing ROI’s. Think about aspects of your current endeavors such as any outdated profiles, account security, and your most successful posts. Doing so will ensure improvements to your brand. Surely, considering your existing social channels and content represents an imperative first step in creating an editorial social media calendar.

Decide What To Theme

Deciding what themes your content should follow presents a second step in creating an editorial social media calendar. Coming up with a long-term plan for your social media posts can help you set achievable goals. In addition, doing so will give direction to your calendar-creating process. This direction is important for those times when there isn’t really much to talk about on social media. Planning out what to post and when will ensure consistent social media posts, even when there isn’t much exciting happening. Definitely, deciding on content themes is an imperative process in creating a social media calendar for editorial content.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience and their demographics is also imperative in creating editorial social media calendars. If you know and understand your audience, you will be able to create content that is likely to connect with them. Getting to know the audience will help you plan engaging content earlier in the process. Additionally, this knowledge helps many top social media marketing firms directly interact and socialize with their audience. You will be able to drive brand engagement further than ever before using knowledge of your audience demographics. Of course, implementing audience knowledge is a necessary step in creating an editorial social media calendar.

Plan Special Events

Planning for special events displays an additional step in creating social media calendars. Special events can include holidays, product announcements, and product launches. Many of these events contain stellar marketing content opportunities, and planning for them in a calendar will ensure that your marketing capitalizes on them. Doing so in advance can help maximize excitement and engagement with well-thought out posts instead of lackluster content that was hastily put together at the last minute. Absolutely, planning for special events represents an imperative step in creating editorial social media calendars.

Schedule Regular Review And Updates

Reviewing and updating your calendar regularly is the final step in creating an awesome editorial social media calendar. Using analytics to track the performance of your marketing endeavors enables you to maximize engagement. Aspects of your social media posts such as the type of post (image, text, etc), frequency of posts, and the time of day you’re posting are great things to track. You can also research social media sharing and when is best time to post for your audience. Tweaking these aspects to gain more traffic will ensure these posts reach as much of your audience as possible. Certainly, regular reviews and updates to your calendar will keep it relevant and improving your social media endeavors.

Editorial content calendars are a great way to streamline social media marketing efforts. To create one, the first step is to audit your existing social media channels for what’s working and what’s not. Second, decide on a theme for your content to give it direction. Understanding your audience demographics is a third step that will ensure your posts are engaged with. Fourth, planning for special events such as holidays in advance will enable capitalization on the opportunities they provide. Finally, tracking your marketing performance with regular reviews and updates keeps your calendar relevant and engaging audiences. When wondering how to create a social media calendar for editorial content, consider the steps described above.

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