Top Data Storage Solutions To Improve Small Business Data Management


Small businesses may not have big data, but they certainly still have a need for data storage solutions. If you are a small business owner looking for the best data storage solutions to fit your size needs, you are probably wondering what choices are available to you. Well, look no further. This post will highlight the best data storage solutions for small to mid-size businesses, so you do not have to do all the leg work yourself. Here are the three best options available for a small-business owner like yourself.

Keep In Mind

Before you go searching out the best data storage solutions for small business, you should know this important factor – the type of data you have should determine the storage strategy you decide on. Data access and retention should be of utmost concern. You will also want to concern yourself with data security offered by the storage provider you choose, especially if you own a home care business that requires HIPPA compliance. These are important factors to keep in mind when picking a data storage solution for business or personal purposes.

External Hard Drives

This may come as a surprise, but sometimes, an external hard drive is just the right tool for the job. Many data storage solutions are incredibly expensive and have a capacity for more data than any small business could ever have a need for. Because of this, external hard drives top the list for the best data storage solutions for small business. These devices offer a low-cost method for businesses to ensure the safe storage of their most valuable information. It is especially beneficial that these devices are not connected to the internet in any way. This guarantees the utmost safety for your information that is not provided by other options. However, there is also a downside. Using external hard drives means having to manually backup all the information that you wish to store. This can be an incredibly time-consuming process, which may be out of the question for some busy small-business owners. If you are concerned primarily with cost and have enough time each month to manually back up your data, an external hard drive may be one of the best data storage solutions for you.

Just Right IT

If you do not have the necessary time to manually back up your data every time it is required, you may be looking for automated data storage solutions. Just Right IT is one of the many available. Just Right IT is a service provided by HP Enterprise specifically tailored to small to mid-size businesses who need to focus on things like PPE regulations and cannot be bothered with manual backups. HP provides services for five areas of data storage needs. These areas include virtualization, SQL server, exchange, file sharing and backup. If your business is looking for data storage solutions specific to these areas, Just Right IT is probably the best choice for you. It is definitely an added advantage that you have the HP name backing all these services. You know that these services are created using the most up-to-date technology available. Also, with the HP name, you know that the customer service provided will be the absolute easiest to get a hold of. If you value a big name like HP standing by the data storage solutions provided, Just Right IT is probably your best bet.


You may not have heard of this company before, but you will certainly want to consider giving it a try after finding out all of the data storage solutions it will make available to your business. CrashPlan is a company that offers small businesses, like yours, an incredible array of choices for data storage and protection. CrashPlan Pro will probably be the plan you select, which offers administrative capabilities tailored specifically to businesses of your size. However, there are several options available that you may wish to browse through from the cloud provider. CrashPlan also offers you the ability to set up automatic immediate backups, which is an incredible benefit. The company offers cloud, on-site and off-site data storage solutions. If you want to have maximum flexibility in your data storage solutions, CrashPlan is definitely the way to go.

No matter which of the data storage solutions you choose, you will not go wrong selecting one of the options listed above. External hard drives are the best option for small businesses on a budget, without a doubt. Just Right IT and CrashPlan are perfect for those who are able to spend a bit more money and want the ability to automate their backups. Consider your business’ needs, and are sure to make the best selection for your business. If you have any other data storage solutions for small business that you think should be on this list, comment them below. We would love to hear from you.

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