5 Day Trading Computer Setup Requirements For Fast Transactions

Due to developing technology, the practice of day trading is growing in the stock and foreign exchange markets. Day traders focus on short-term trends in the market and capitalize on them through same-day transactions. As a result, these traders need computers that can handle the fast-paced environment of buying and selling securities in the same market day. If you are serious about making a living through day trading, you need to know how to set up a powerful computer. An effective computer setup helps you best analyze business data. Keep reading as we highlight day trading computer setup requirements.

SSD Hard Drives

For a day trading computer setup, you have to choose the best hard drive. Basically, you have two options; a solid state drive or a hard disk drive. Most professional day traders recommend SSD hard drives. This is because they are faster and more efficient. Compared to the 30 plus seconds it takes for an HDD to boot up, an SSD is three times faster. Use an SSD to maximize your day trading computer’s performance. While the storage is comparable between SSDs and HDDs, the former comes in handy in the event your computer accidentally shuts down. With the proper SSD hard drive as part of your day trading computer setup, you can buy and sell securities faster.

High Capacity RAM Storage

Random access memory storage acts as the short term memory of your day trading computer setup. RAM allows your computer to run multiple actions effectively. For day traders, this is essential because you have multiple programs open simultaneously. You need a computer with high capacity RAM to ensure you can multitask efficiently. While 8 gigabytes of RAM should be sufficient, many day trading experts prefer 16GB. The higher the RAM, the better your day trading computer will perform. The best day trading computer setup will have high capacity RAM storage so that you can run multiple programs effectively.

Multi-Core CPU Processors

Similarly, your day trading computer setup needs a multi-core CPU processor to offer additional computing power. A good day trading computer has to handle the processing of large amounts of data quickly. Typically, you have multiple windows open at the same time. You need a CPU that can process that data in real-time. Use duo-core or quad-core CPUs to effectively double or quadruple your processing speeds, respectively. Most professional day traders recommend a quad-core setup. Obviously, you need a CPU that is fast and efficient to be successful. Look for processors that are used in other well-reviewed business computers. Multi-core CPUs are crucial for your day trading computer setup to ensure your machine can process all of the information you need.


While the number of monitors is a matter of preference for your day trading computer setup, pay attention to their resolution. You need monitors with high resolution to display information with clarity. Every other aspect of your day trading computer setup is to optimize the machine’s processing capabilities. You need a high resolution monitor so that you can process that information your computer gives. Experts suggest that you use a monitor with a resolution of at least 1080p. When you are building a day trading computer setup, choose a high resolution monitor so that you can quickly read information.

Strong Graphics Cards

If you have multiple monitors for your day trading computer setup, you need strong graphic cards. Your computer’s graphics card handles how information is displayed on your monitors. Most successful day traders incorporate three or four monitors in their setup. The more monitors you have, the better graphics card you need. In a sense, your graphics card is like the RAM for your display. Day trading experts recommend at least 2GB of graphics processing power. You day trading computer set up needs a graphics card that can handle the display processing power your monitors need.

The right day trading computer setup is the difference between being a successful or a failed trader. Your computer needs an SSD hard drive to quickly process data. You also need high capacity RAM and multi-core CPUs to maximize your multitasking capabilities. Choose a high resolution monitor so that you can easily understand the information your computer is giving you. The more monitors you have, the better the graphics card you will need. A powerful day trading computer significantly helps you achieve a higher market position. Use this advice to ensure your day trading computer setup meets these requirements.

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