5 Day Trading Strategies To Become A Consistent Trader

Learning day trading strategies can help you make more money when trading stocks. This can be very helpful since there are many penny stocks to buy today. As a day trader, investing without strategies is simply gambling. Many beginner day traders lose money because they invest without planning. To minimize your risk and maximize profits, you should familiarize yourself with strategies and methods. In this article, we will discuss learning day trading strategies.


Trendline use is one of the basic strategies to learn when learning day trading. Trendlines are an efficient tool for any day trader because they let you rely on data. This way, you can make educated trades instead of guessing. Trendlines will map out a stock’s trend over time and price axis. Be aware that you will have to remap trendlines over time for the best results. Trendlines are great for identifying short term in long term trends. When you see a short term trend, you should buy or sell your stock accordingly. Keep in mind that trendlines are just guides. They are not absolute predictors of the market. Learn how to effectively use trendlines as a basis for learning other day trading strategies.


Understanding volatility will help you develop risk assessment skills when learning day trading. Volatility is the measurement of returns for a security or market index. This means that higher volatility usually has riskier security. You can actually use volatility to figure out which stocks to invest in. You may want to consider investing in a small cap stock. Before investing in any stock, you must identify which stocks have high volatility. Set search criteria in your stock screening software to identify volatile stocks over time. You want to find stocks that are moving downwards or upwards. After identifying an appropriate volatile stock, make an investment. Volatile stocks are very risky by nature so carefully consider your options before investing. By understanding volatility, you will be able to make safer investments when learning day trading strategies.


When learning day trading strategies, learning about patterns will help you to identify when a stock will rise or fall. Bull Flag pattern is a useful pattern to learn for various trading methods. The Bull Flag pattern shows spikes in stock purchases, forming a “flag” as it rises. Bull Flags are useful for daily charts. This is a great tool for visually identifying stock movement. You can apply this pattern to virtually any trading strategy or method that you use. You should learn this pattern ASAP. Learn new patterns according to other strategies that you pick up. Understanding patterns will expedite your execution when learning day trading strategies.


Momentum trading comes to the forefront when learning day trading strategies. Momentum trading is all about selling moving stocks. The key to learning momentum trading is to find which stocks are moving often. You should look for stocks with potential to move 20-30%. One of the advantages of momentum trading is that specific stocks will move 20-30% every day. You can use patterns such as the Bull Flag pattern and the Breakout pattern to identify potentially profitable stocks. Once you’ve found moving stocks, make your purchase at the opportune time and determine when to sell. Learning momentum trading offers you a consistent method for investing amongst the day trading strategies.


Learning breakout day trading strategies and help you minimize risk. Doing this can help you uncover the best ways to invest in stock. A breakout is a stock price moving outside a support or resistance level with increased volume. You can use your understanding of breakout to enter the market in a long or short position. This is an advanced strategy that you can use to try and sway the market in your favor. To efficiently trade breakout stocks, you need to consider the stock’s support and resistance levels. After finding an appropriate stock, you need to pick the right entry and exit point. When used appropriately, breakout trading can be relatively safer than other strategies. However, be aware of false breakouts and other traders influencing trends. Breakout is a more advanced strategy, but one you should learn eventually when learning day trading strategies.

Learning day trading strategies can be a daunting task. As a beginner day trader, you should first focus on the basics. Learn to use trendlines, identify patterns, and recognize volatility. After learning these basics, you should learn momentum and breakout trading strategies. If you focus on learning these day trading strategies, you can become a more consistent trader.

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