5 Crucial Digital Marketing Funnel Stages To Optimize Now

Digital marketing is still a relatively new concept to many small business owners in particular. Digital marketing for small business used to be near impossible. Now, it is much more affordable, just like PR tools for small business. But, that leaves small business owners like you at a disadvantage. You do not have nearly as much experience with the digital marketing funnel and how to optimize a digital marketing funnel. Find out the stages of the digital marketing funnel below to help make the most of your online marketing strategies.


The first part of any marketing funnel is awareness. The online marketing funnel is no different. In this stage of the funnel, consumers have just begun to become aware of your business. In digital marketing, there are many different ways that customers can become aware of your brand. There are a ton of different digital marketing channels for you to familiarize yourself with. This is crucial if you want to later optimize the first stage of the digital marketing funnel.


During the second stage of the online marketing funnel, online users consider your business. This is appropriately known as the consideration stage. Customers will explore your marketing content during this stage. They will familiarize themselves with your small business brand and your online presence. Here is where your business should try to foster a relationship with those consumers. Using multiple market research techniques will help you do it. That will help you maximize conversions following this stage of the online marketing funnel.


The next stage of the online sales funnel is conversion. During the conversion phase of digital marketing, consumers finally become customers. They purchase something from your business. This is the ultimate goal of all your digital marketing funnels. This stage is the reason why we learn how to optimize digital marketing funnels. Clearly, this funnel stage is a big indicator of the overall effectiveness of your online marketing funnel optimization.


The second to last stage of these types of marketing funnels is referred to as the loyalty or retention phase. In this phase, your small business must work to retain customers. Online marketing has specific customer retention strategies that can be highly effective, including site optimization techniques and more. You will want to familiarize yourself with these tactics so that you can optimize your online marketing funnel effectively throughout this stage.


Ultimately, your digital marketing goals should include turning customers into advocates. The most loyal customers to your small business should also become brand advocates at the end of your marketing funnel. That is the ultimate online marketing objective. During this phase, repeat customers will promote your brand for free to their friends, families and personal networks. If you optimize all other stages of the online marketing sales funnel, your customers will ultimately wind up parked at this stage indefinitely.

Small business owners are at a disadvantage to other business owners when it comes to digital marketing strategies. You need to know the stages of digital marketing funnels in order to make effective use of online advertising strategies for your small business. Use this post as a guide to help you learn the phases of the online marketing process. These digital marketing process phases can all be optimized to help you reach your online marketing goals as soon as possible. Make sure you learn up on digital marketing funnel optimization as soon as possible.

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