5 Strategies For Working As A Digital Nomad In A Camper RV Successfully

While many people are setting up home offices to work remotely, there are some whose offices are on the open road. There is a trend lately of people buying campers or vans and living as digital nomads. They travel while they work and live out of their vehicle. In fact, it is relatively easy to take remote business work anywhere in the world.

This isn’t as extreme as it sounds. There are many ways to set up a camper to be just as comfortable as a home with all the same conveniences thanks to solar kits. As long as you have an internet connection you can work anywhere that you feel like working. In this article, we will go over what it takes to make being a digital nomad a reality.

Have A Power Source

Most campers are set up with an electrical connection possibility, however, you will need to be at a campsite to use it. There is nothing wrong with that and many people choose to go this route since they have a lot of other amenities at the site. This all comes with a fee, though. Vans don’t usually have the option to be powered even at a campsite where you can connect to the main power.

With the advent of solar energy systems and lithium batteries, you can power up your van or camper to use wherever you decide to stop. They provide all the power you need for your devices and even small appliances. Take some time to do an energy audit so you understand how much power in kWh you need to power up all of your needs. Then you can make sure that you get the right system to be able to get you through the day

Find Your Internet

There are several digital nomad WiFi tricks you’ll want to know. Staying connected online is going to be somewhat of a challenge. It all depends on the type of work, however. If you aren’t doing anything that requires a lot of bandwidth then you can usually get by with a small mobile hotspot from your local cell phone provider. For more money, you can also try using a satellite internet system that can be as fast as fiber. This is very expensive, though. What most digital nomads do is pick destinations where there are coworking spaces available. This way they have a stable connection and ideal work space to make sure that they are as productive as possible.

Have A Plan

Successfully living as a digital nomad means becoming organized at work. You’ll need to make sure that you are able to plan out your work schedule and drive time to make sure that the work gets done. In the middle of all of that, you also have to take time to do regular maintenance on the van or camper. Without having a plan like this then your work will suffer, you won’t be able to take advantage fully of what an area has to offer, and you risk frequent breakdowns of your vehicle.

Create A Comfortable Space

In addition, creating a comfortable space is another great tip to work as a digital nomad in a camper. Purchase a wireless bluetooth headset, keyboard, and mouse. Also, make sure your laptop is elevated to prevent hours of bad posture in front of your screen. To increase workplace productivity, you should also purchase two external monitors. If your work environment is too bright, you should invest in blinds to minimize glare.  Surely, creating a comfortable space is an excellent way to work as a digital nomad in a camper.

Be Realistic About Your Workload

As a digital nomad, you’ll need to get realistic about your workload. Even if you design for productivity and success, you still likely won’t be as productive as in a commercial office. Therefore, you need to plan your daily objectives, work goals, and availability carefully. It is not recommended to take on a full-time schedule — especially at first. Focus on acclimating, enjoying yourself, and promoting work life balance as you get started.

Enjoy Your Time

Of course, enjoying your time is an overlooked tip to work as a digital nomad in a camper. With a long virtual schedule, you should minimize your moving days. For example, you should stay in one location for a few weeks. Therefore, you’ll have the tie to get comfortable, explore the region, and rest peacefully.

Living in a camper is not a race, you need to find a good work life balance between moving and staying put. This way, you can learn the local culture, food, and camping attractions without rushing throughout the day. In fact, you can get lower campground rates if you stay for a longer amount of time. For sure, you should enjoy your time when working as a digital nomad in a camper.

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