How To Edit Product Photos For Your Online eCommerce Business

Ecommerce businesses know how to edit product photos to increase online sales. Without a brick-and-mortar store, product photos are crucial to your ecommerce business. Clear, detailed photos are the next best thing to a customer physically holding your products. Many businesses spend significant time and resources perfecting their images to drive sales. As an eCommerce business owner, you can find a lot of value in a high quality, well edited image to accompany a product. Moreover, quality images create a positive and professional impression of your brand. Read on to learn how to edit product photos for your online eCommerce business.

Define Your Needs With A Detailed Plan

To begin, create a business plan for editing ecommerce product photos. A detailed plan ensures you are on track to make great product photos. Define the types of photos you need to appeal to your audience. Investigate current trends before finalizing your plan. The types of photos customers find appealing will change over time. Download professional photo editing software to create these images. Find free or subscription-based software that has all the features you need to edit photos according to your plan. Surely, a great plan with well-defined needs is a terrific start to editing ecommerce photos.

Use Free Photo Editing Apps

Free online applications are a powerful resource for editing product photos for eCommerce retail operations. With free photo editing apps, you can easily design impactful images, social media graphics, or even animated designs. These tools allow you to precisely remove backgrounds and highlight the subject of your photo. Then, add in animated text effects that help capture your audience. Or, use these solutions to make a photo collage of all your top-selling eCommerce items. Definitely, use free photo editing apps to upgrade images for your eCommerce shop.

Remove The Background

Next, remove the background to begin editing your product photo. Take photos with a white or light background to make the process of removing the background easier. Remove the background of the photo to simplify the editing process. Allow yourself more options in website design by creating a transparent background that conforms to your chosen theme. The lack of noise in your photo will make your product stand out. Although transparent backgrounds are generally preferred, you can choose to add a solid fill as a new background color. A smaller file size and quicker loading times are added bonuses to pulling out the background. Furthermore, do away with the background to remove any smaller imperfections in the photo. In summation, remove the background of a photo to make your product pop and simplify the process.

Edit Your Photo’s Colors To Bring Them To Life

Third, bring your photos to life by editing the image colors for ecommerce impact. In today’s competitive market, colorful photos grab the attention of a quick-scrolling potential customer. Color correction can make your pictures look more alive. Use white balances in color correction to make sure any white in your photo appears white. Saturation, masks, and vignettes are all great tools to make your photo appear incredible. Be sure that your file is in SRGB format while editing. Internet browsers use this format to display images. Preserve your images’ appearance across platforms by using SRBG. Surely, edit your photo’s colors to make them appear more alive and thus appealing to your consumers.

Optimize Your Images Before Going Live

Finally, optimize your product images for your eCommerce platform before going live. Adjust the image size and resolution to create a smaller file. Upload optimized images with smaller file sizes to avoid long load times in your online store. Make sure the new file size meets any prerequisites for your store’s eCommerce platform. Many online stores consider 72 pixels per inch to be the best resolution. Keep your aspect ratio of your image consistent throughout the editing process. Adjusting the ratio can cause an image to look skewed and distorted. Once you save your image, it’s ready to upload to your site. Certainly, optimize your images for the eCommerce platform your business uses before going live.

These are simple steps to edit your product photos for ecommerce sales. Following these methods, you can start using photos and videos to power eCommerce business growth. Start with a detailed plan to edit your photos for a specific use. Remove the background for a transparent effect that makes your product pop. Edit the product photo color for an appealing look to consumers. Then, add a drop shadow for a realistic look on your ecommerce store. Before publishing, optimize the product photo size and dimensions for the platform. By following these steps, you can certainly edit your photos to drive more ecommerce sales.

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