What Every Email Marketer Needs To Know To Increase Revenue

As an email marketer, you’re already aware of the immense potential of your email list. You work hard to use email branding techniques to boost your sales, but do not always achieve your marketing goals with them. When you follow the best practices, email marketing can generate more revenue than any other channel. However, not all marketers implement these practices in their strategies, and that prevents them from getting better results. To avoid this pitfall, continue reading to discover what every email marketer needs to know to generate more revenue.

Sender Reputation Determines Success

This may sound as an exaggeration, but it isn’t. More than content and design, your sender reputation determines how well your email marketing performs. It influences deliverability, open and click rates and, finally, conversions.

So, how do you build a good sender reputation? It all starts with the quality of your email list. Inbox providers pay close attention to the way you email. If your bounce rate is high and you get Spam complaints, they won’t hesitate to deliver your emails in people’s Spam folders. On the other hand, when you use an email checker to keep a neat list, you can count on higher deliverability and visible results.

Inbound Marketing Works Better Than Sales Pitches

Do you enjoy it when brands bombard you with aggressive marketing emails? Do they make you want to buy? If your answer is “no,” you have a lot in common with your own subscribers.
People see an overwhelming number of ads every day – on social media, websites and in stores. When they check their inboxes and encounter yet another sales pitch, all they want to do is get away from it. But how will I sell if I don’t sell, you may ask? Integrate inbound marketing in your strategy.

By pulling your audience in with valuable, personalized content, you’ll build trust, and when people trust you, they choose you. Therefore, marketing teams succeed when they learn inbound vs outbound strategies and implement the top inbound tactics. Yes, inbound marketing takes effort, but it comes with long-term benefits, so make it a part of your email content.

Subscribers View Emails Via Mobile Devices

The majority of consumers open emails on their smartphones while they are on-the-go. With people’s attention spans having dropped to eight seconds, you don’t have much time to gain their interest. If your email doesn’t look good on mobile, you may lose some significant opportunities.

Fortunately, testing your emails before sending has never been easier. There are numerous tools out there to ensure you’re sending messages people love to click on. Every time you’re getting ready to deploy a new campaign, check vital elements such as:

  • Subject lines: do they render well on all devices or are they being cut off?
  • Images: do they load properly or are there any errors you need to fix?
  • CTA buttons: do they show up nicely on both desktop and email?

Once you’ve tested them, you’re good to go!

Discipline And Consistency Are Key

There are so many things you need to do as a marketer, especially if you can’t rely on a big team. Sometimes, missing an email is not the end of the world. However, having discipline when it comes to email marketing is crucial to your success. Now why is that?

There are two important reasons. Firstly, you can’t build a strong relationship with the people on your list if they only hear from you every once in a while. There’s a well-known advertising principle that says your audience needs to hear your message at least seven times before you can even think about a sale. So, by showing up in your subscribers’ inboxes consistently, you become familiar to them. Create strong email subject lines to ensure that your constant emails make an impact on consumers. Familiarity nurtures trust and increases brand awareness. More so, inbox providers love a steady sending rhythm.

When you email regularly, you keep your IP warm and maintain a healthy relationship with them. In turn, that has a positive impact on your delivery. So, set a day and time for sending your emails and commit to that. In the long run, your efforts will pay off and you’ll notice an improvement in your metrics.

Quality Content Boosts Sales Across Platforms

Coming up with great content for your subscribers makes the difference between a successful email marketing program and one that falls flat. But how do you create “great content”?

It depends on who your audience is and what its expectations are. Thus, getting to know your audience is the first step towards crafting more relevant content. Are you gathering enough information about the people who join your list? Do you know what their interests are and what they’re hoping to get out of your emails? Consider at least some basic personalization tactics – they’ll dramatically improve your email engagement.

Don’t know where to start? Implement a better way of collecting data. For example, apart from cleaning your email list, online tools can also add missing information to it. If you haven’t gathered your subscribers’ name, gender and location, the system finds these details for you and enhances your database.

Once you have this basic information, you can segment your list based on criteria such as gender and location. This will help you refine your marketing techniques and create targeted messages that deliver results.

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