5 Best Employee Clock In App Features For Remote Teams

It can be difficult for HR professionals to accurately track work hours without the proper employee clock in software. As an HR professional, you deal with both remote and on-site workers. While on-site workers can be tracked relatively easily, tracking remote workers can be unmanageable. How can you know for sure that they are working when they say they are? The answer lies within mobile apps. In this post, you will discover the best employee clock in app features to manage remote employees.

Clock Out Notifications

Remote workers often forget to clock out on employee clock in apps. The best apps send both employees and managers notifications. This can create a more efficient employee clock in process for you. For example, consider an employee who was scheduled to work a 3 hour shift, but kept the clock running for 5 hours. You and the employee at fault would receive a notification on your phones alerting you of the mishap. As a result, you can take it upon yourself to record the issue and keep yourself from making payroll errors. For this reason, this feature is one of the best employee clock in app features.

Time-Payroll Integration

With the notion of payroll in mind, consider time-payroll integration as another advantageous feature. Through digital onboarding, you can teach employees to clock in and out. The app connects this data to your payroll. An employee clock in app that offers you the ability to connect workers’ time cards to payroll simplifies two duties at once. You no longer have to plug each employees’ hours into your payroll system. Instead, your employee clock in app will use its clock in, clock out data to generate payroll quickly. Spend a quarter of the time doing payroll with a time-payroll integration feature.

GPS Tracking

Another great feature that some employee clock in apps offer is GPS tracking. With this feature, you can easily recognize when an employee is lying about their on-the-clock time. When an employee is clocked in, you can track them right through the app. If they are constantly moving along a road during their shift, you can conclude that they are driving and not working. As an HR professional, you can take the initiative to speak to them about the issue. If the conversation reaches an argumentative territory, you have proof that they are at fault. GPS tracking in employee clock in apps provides crucial insight into how honest employees are.

Built-In Scheduling

You are also responsible for scheduling employees’ shifts. After all, they cannot clock in in the first place if they are not scheduled to work. Unfortunately, creating a schedule can be time-consuming due to under staffing and absence management. It can also be difficult to communicate schedules to remote employees. Those problems vanish with an employee clock in app that has built-in scheduling. Remote workers can access schedules from anywhere, at anytime. Moreover, you can create and adjust schedules from anywhere, at anytime. The best apps even notify all users of any updates. Clock in applications can enhance your other duties with high-quality features.

Ability To Edit

Additionally, the ability to edit time cards within an employee clock in app reduces your workload. When employees accidentally leave their timers running after they have finished their work, you need to fix their clock out times. Applications that do not offer the ability to edit time cards create additional work for HR professionals like yourself. You could have to take note of the mistake for payroll usage. If employees constantly make mistakes, you will have to spend a lot of time on payroll. On the other hand, if you can edit time cards, you can continue to allow the mobile app to run payroll for you. The editing feature is crucial to efficiently maintaining multiple processes.

Effectively manage remote workers with employee clock in apps that offer the best features. Look for an app that sends clock out notifications for optimal monitoring. Simplify your payroll duty with an app that offers time-payroll integration with HR analytics. GPS tracking allows you to recognize any untruthful employees. Built-in scheduling enhances communication between yourself and remote workers. Lastly, the ability to edit clock in and clock out times increases accuracy and save you time. These are the best features to look for in employee clock in apps.

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