5 Employee Engagement Training Activities To Boost Productivity

As a business expands, so does its manager’s need for effective employee engagement training. Managers like yourself aim to maintain motivated teams at all times. Without engaged workers, companies cannot succeed. Unfortunately, motivating employees is not an easy task, especially when businesses grow and employees get worn out. Luckily, you can rejuvenate your team even when it seems like it is too late. To do so, you need to connect with them both inside and outside of the workplace. In this post, you will learn the best employee engagement training activities to boost productivity.

Exercise For Charity

For a great employee engagement training activity, persuade your team to get involved with charity in a way that also promotes health and wellness. You can find numerous exercise for charity events online. Search for events in your area for easy accessibility. Ask for employee suggestions to get everyone involved in the brainstorming process. If there is not anything nearby, expand your limitations. Your team can carpool with one another if your chosen event is far, which initiates additional team bonding. To prepare for the event, schedule team exercise times each week. In doing so, you will engage employees and simultaneously portray that you care about their well-being.

Schedule An Office Dinner

You can also train employees to engage in their work through having an office dinner. Managers choose to use this employee engagement training idea in various ways. Some reserve tables at local restaurants to enjoy Happy Hour drinks on Fridays after work. Others order food to be delivered to the office and have a small office party. Get creative with your office dinner to ensure that all of your employees understand how much you appreciate their hard work. If they recognize your gratitude, they will become more motivated to produce even higher quality work.

Create An Office Magazine

If you wish to spark employees’ creativity to increase engagement, develop an office magazine. Internal magazines allow employees to praise one another on their achievements. Furthermore, they allow managers to engage with workers more. Consider featuring an Employee Of The Month within each issue. As manager, you choose the Employee Of The Month and acknowledge their achievements in print form. Speak with employees to gain insight into office jokes, news, and any fun stories worth adding to the magazine each month. This creates a more comfortable environment, which motivates employees. Use a productivity tracker to see how beneficial this employee engagement training activity is.

Have A Cake-Off

Another exercise that trains employees to engage in the workplace is a cake-off. Whether your employees watch the shows or not, they are familiar with the cake TV shows that air regularly. Use the concept of baking and decorating unique cakes and competing against one another. Instruct employees to team up and put together cakes that represent your company. The team that presents the most creative cake wins the contest. Team bonding occurs as employees engage with the business on a creative level. After the competition, you and your employees can celebrate by eating the cakes they baked. Have a cake-off to train employees to engage with one another and the company.

Initiate A Plant Seed Race

Finally, initiate a plant seed race as an employee engagement training activity. Purchase packets of seeds and provide each employee with some. Designate an hour to planting the seeds together. Then, schedule a time each day to nurture the plants at the same time. Workers will get a break and engage with one another in the workplace. Award the employee who grows a plant first. The runner-ups still leave the competition with plants that they grew together. Furthermore, you fill your office with greenery. Since plants improve productivity in the office space, employees will continue to feel motivated after the plant seed race has ended. The entire office will maintain a positive attitude after this employee engagement training activity.

Whether your company is growing or not, you need optimal employee engagement training activities in order for your team to succeed. Exercise for charity as a team to bond with one another and create a more comfortable work place. Schedule an office dinner to engage with each other on a personal level, which can improve engagement on a professional level. Create a monthly office magazine to liven up the office. Host a cake-off to spark business-related creativity. You can also start a plant seed race to motivate employees. These are the best employee engagement training activities to increase productivity.

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