How To Find Enterprise Industrial Space For Rent

There are several key steps to find enterprise industrial space for rent. Every day, more than 500 new industrial listings are added to commercial real estate market. Of course, there has likely never been a better time to secure a rental industrial space for your growing company. After all, the process is easier than ever before – thanks to advanced 3D property tours, virtual floor plans, and high-resolution photos. Whether you are looking to startup, expand, or relocate your operations, you should know exactly how to find viable rental facilities. To get started now, read on to learn how to find enterprise industrial space for rent.

Think About Your Needs

First and foremost, you need to think about your needs for an enterprise industrial rental space. Typically, industrial space can fall under three primary categories. For a start, you may be looking to secure an industrial warehouse rental space. These are prominently used for storing, packaging, and distributing different products. On the other hand, your enterprise corporation may require manufacturing rental space. This is more common for companies looking to assemble, produce, or develop products from scratch. Or, you can always consider opting for a flex-space instead. These rental facilities offer a unique combination of manufacturing and warehousing options. Surely, think about your needs when searching industrial space for rent in your area.

Calculate Your Budget

Next, take some time to think about your budget for industrial rental space. To calculate your rental budget, many industrial tenants use a gross sales per foot formula. This can be calculated by divided your total sales by the industrial space’s square footage. Ultimately, you should avoid spending any more than ten-percent of your gross sales per foot on industrial rent. Otherwise, you risk damaging your finances and negatively impacting your bottom line. Indeed, budget calculation and evaluation is key to find industrial space for rent in your area.

Hire A Commercial Real Estate Broker

Before you can start searching for available industrial space, you’ll want to hire a commercial real estate broker. These brokerages exclusively sell commercial properties like industrial facilities, warehouses, offices, and coworking labs. They’ll serve as your partner throughout the rental transaction and leasing process. In short, a broker will be your best resource to find new and available properties in your local market. Not only will they help you secure a rental space, they can also assist in contract negotiations. This way, you can be sure to get the best rental deal possible. Certainly, hire a commercial real estate broker to find great industrial space for rent.

Search Through Online Listings

Now, you are ready to start searching through available industrial space for rent online. You can search for properties on commercial real estate libraries, location listing platforms, or even social media. When searching for industrial spaces, you should filter results by several key parameters. For a start, you want to operate out of a facility with high ceiling clearances, ample parking, and well-maintained security systems. It should also offer flooring materials that can support heavy equipment and machinery. Environmentally-conscious business executives may also want to relocate to a facility that already features fluorescent lighting and other energy-efficient appliances. Absolutely, search for available locations when trying to rent industrial space for your enterprise business.

Tour Some Potential Properties

With your commercial broker by your side, you can start touring some potential industrial spaces. When you tour your first few locations, there is a lot to keep in mind. For a start, you’ll need to find out what the property is zoned, approved, and cleared for. Additionally, it helps to know about warehouse loading options, facility power capabilities, and fire safety systems. You should also ask about the possibility to park fleet vehicles overnight, as well as if industrial yard space is available. Definitely, tour out some potential properties when you search for an industrial space to rent.

There are a number of key steps to effectively find enterprise industrial space for rent. First and foremost, think about exactly what you need in a warehouse or office space rental. Next, think about what your budget for rental space is. To be precise, you should use a gross sales per foot formula. With a better understanding of your needs and requirements, hire a commercial real estate agent to help you seamlessly navigate the process. Now, you are ready to start touring some potential properties in your area. Follow the points highlighted above to learn how to find enterprise industrial space for rent.

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