Essential Business Firewall Router Hardware For Network Security

There are many essential business firewall router hardware options that provide network security. This hardware monitors traffic and keeps your local network secure. As cyberattacks become more complex, so have routers and their firewalls. Many of today’s firewall routers include intrusion prevention (IPS), antivirus, web filtering, and anti-spam services. As a business owner, understand that 43% of all data breaches impact businesses like yours. Therefore, protecting employees from cyberattacks as well as your business network with firewall router hardware is imperative. Read on to discover essential business firewall router hardware for network security.

Low-Cost Hardware

Low-cost firewall router hardware provides network protection for your business without a significant investment. Often, this kind of budget hardware charges an upfront fee of $100-$150 that includes all hardware updates. Your router hardware acts as a filter, preventing malware and other malicious traffic from infecting your network. However, this hardware is often third-party, meaning it’s meant to supplement your computers’ existing security software. Surely, low-cost firewall router hardware is a great option for strengthening your security without a large investment.


VDOM-supported router hardware solutions enable your network to defend against threats of many different modalities and secure your business information. Many hardware routers support this functionality. VDOM allows the creation of several firewalls within the same network and hardware device. This provides you the capability to segment your network into different zones such as guests, public servers, and employees. Segmenting your network in this way creates more hoops for hackers to jump through, providing increased layers of network security. Absolutely, firewall router hardware that supports VDOM compartmentalizes your network, isolating security threats.

Sandbox Implementation

Router hardware solutions providing sandbox implementation expand the number of threats your network can handle. Sandbox implementation allows your IT team to simulate cybersecurity threats in-house. This way, you and your IT team narrow down the biggest security threats to your network and take necessary action to mitigate them. Additionally, your team will better understand the behavior of malicious software and minimize the damage caused by unsafe applications. Certainly, sandbox implementation enables learning and knowledge of your network’s biggest threats.

ASIC Processors

Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) processors provide a router firewall hardware solution that scales with your business growth. Often, businesses must change or replace various hardware as they grow. Doing this with firewall router hardware leaves the business vulnerable to cyberattacks during the transition period. However, ASIC processors are created according to custom design specifications. These custom specifications can be tailored to your business’s specific needs. This way, your firewall router hardware won’t need as much maintenance. Therefore, ASIC processors reduce your network’s vulnerability. You should also protect your company’s site using website protection methods. Definitely, ASIC processors enable constant uptime of your network firewall.


Firewall router hardware providing simplicity is another essential for your business’s network security. For example, hardware including network security management features enable you to control all aspects of the firewall from one location. Zero-touch deployment is another great feature example enabling automated setup of devices new to the network. The inclusion of these features enables you to protect your network regardless of your IT experience level. Of course, easy-to-use firewall router hardware provides a baseline level of network security for all experience levels.

There is a myriad of essential business firewall router hardware options that increase network security. Low-cost options are great for supplementing your existing security software and hardware without a large investment. VDOM-supporting hardware enables segmentation and isolation of network threats. Additionally, sandbox implementation hardware allows your IT department to test various cybersecurity threats. This way, you highlight the largest threats while simultaneously learning more about them. ASIC processors minimize security downtime by being customized to scale with your business’s growth. Finally, simple hardware solutions enable you to secure your network regardless of your IT experience. When considering essential business firewall router hardware for network security, refer to the points above.

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