3 Fun Family-Run Home Business Ideas For Everyone

Large families often struggle to spend quality time all together. For moms and dads with a strong entrepreneurial bent, it can be fun and rewarding to launch a family-run business that features a job everyone can do. Depending on what you have in mind, this can be a side gig that you do in your spare time. You can always turn a side job to full time. It may also blossom into a full-time career for the parents and resume-building experience for the teens. For examples and inspiration to get started with a home business idea for a large family, consider the following three ideas.

Dog Walking And Pet Sitting

Taking care of your friends’ and neighbors’ pets while they are at work or on vacation is a great family business idea that you can do together. This type of work teaches even the youngest members of your family the importance of taking on responsibilities and taking care of dependent animals. If you have a large property, you could also branch out and offer in-home doggy daycare for pets. You could provide walking services, basic grooming like shampoos and nail trims, mid-day check-ins to play with and feed and water pets, and/or help with transportation to and from vet appointments.

Depending on the ages of your kids, they can help bathe dogs, walk them, clean up the yard, play and pet the dogs and more. Your tweens and teens can help you set up a business page on social media, and/or you can enroll with a relevant site and reach new clients online. Use the top family business tools to advance your tactics and earn higher profits with this home business idea.

Launch A Business At Home

Another great family business idea that can get everyone on board while teaching kids valuable life lessons like good customer service is direct sales. Specialized services assist entrepreneurial types like you to become independent business owners and set up a home-based business selling home. They can advance your businesses in industries ranging from health and beauty to restaurant. If you mention this idea to your kids and bring up a specific company like Amway, they may ask you “How does Amway work and what would we have to do?”. Sit down with them at your computer and watch YouTube videos explaining what the home-based direct selling business would entail. Once you have your business all set up, younger siblings can work on their math skills by counting inventory. Your older kids can tell their friends’ parents about your business and learn how word of mouth can increase sales.

Get Crafty While Earning Money

Another fun home-based business idea that can work for a big family involves making and selling arts and crafts on marketplace websites. In addition to posting your wares on these websites, have your web-savvy older kids help you create your own website. Then, you can post and sell your items on your own. If you and your children are especially talented in this area, it can be a fun way to work together on artsy projects and earn money at the same time. You could even turn your small business into a home-based franchise if you operate it properly. Younger children can accompany you to buy craft supplies and certainly join you at the table as you create things to sell. While you might not post your 4-year-old’s clay creation for sale, he can definitely join in on the creative fun.

Launching a family-owned business, even as a side hustle of sorts, can benefit your entire family. Use the opportunities to slip in great life lessons for your kids and have fun at the same time. While you definitely don’t want to overwork your children and make this venture unpleasant, you may find that it is quite possible to start a home-based gig that allows you to spend more time together while earning some extra money.

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