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You may be looking to further understand the meaning of financial health to better prepare you for your first time investing. You have come to the right place. The word financial is defined as “of or relating to the management of large amounts of money, especially by a corporation or government.” Health is defined as “the state of being free from illness or injury.” Combine the two; financial health is the current state of one’s money situation. This post will give you some tips to find out whether a company is financially healthy so that you can make sound business decisions when you decide to make an investment.

Monthly Earnings

The first place to look when trying to determine a company’s financial health is at monthly returns. In order for a company to be financially healthy, they have to be making money, just as it is for your CFD trading portfolio. It’s as simple as that. Researching monthly earnings is an easy way to ensure that the company is bringing in more money than it’s spending. Once you can guarantee that the company you are researching is actually making money, you can research further to ensure that these earnings are actually equating to good financial health.

Accounts Receivable Metrics

A business’s accounts receivable department can tell you a lot about their financial health. This may not be possible if you participate in Forex online trading. But for most other investors, receivables left uncollected should be a red flag. Look into a company’s collection schedules and receivable turnover data to determine their financial health. These indicators could point to cash flow management issues.

Total Debts

Although the company is making money, they may still owe money to investors or other loan providers. Try to do research on a company’s total debts and compare that figure to yearly earnings. Be sure that any prospective companies have never had a need for bad credit loans. If the company is making more money than they owe, you can assume that this is contributing to their ability to pay it back and make even more money down the line. This can be a great opportunity for investors like yourself. At this point, the company’s shares are bound to be reasonably priced and because they are making money the outlook for returns seems good too. Large amounts of debt should be a huge red flag in terms of a company’s financial health. However, if the company is fairly young and their yearly earnings are high, this can be an important thing to consider when deciding whether to invest.

Financial Statements

Financial statements, a collection of reports about the organization’s financial situation, will help you to asses business performance easily. If you are able to, request financial statements from any business you are considering investing in. Financial statements can help determine a business’ ability to generate cash. In a more broad respect, financial statements can help you recognize performance trends for the business. Use data analysis tools to help you sort through the information. This will be crucial to making a good investment choice.


Another way to look at a company’s financial health, assuming they sell physical items, is to observe their inventory and how quickly it needs to be restocked. This is easy to do, even if you are not a professional commodity broker. You may be able to find information regarding a company’s inventory turnover which will allow you to make assumptions on how their product is selling. If inventory turnover is high, you can assume that customers are liking their product. You can also assume that their client base is growing at fast rate, which means great things for the company’s financial health now and in the future. If a company has a good inventory turnover rate, you may want to consider investing now before share prices go up.

As a prospective first time investor, you are making a great decision to do your research before deciding to invest. Research is key to doing well in the stock market, and financial health of a company is key to choosing to invest in them. Make sure to do further research on each company in consideration before you decide to spend your money. It may benefit you to visit small business conferences to source the best, most driven entrepreneurs to invest in. Remember to keep these three factors in mind when doing your research. If a company is making money consistently month after month, that is a great sign of financial health. However, if they have large amounts of debt that can be a huge red flag for you to spend your money elsewhere. If you are looking to invest in a company selling physical goods and not services, it is important to look at the rate of inventory turnover. If that rate is high that means things look pretty good for the company’s current and future financial health. Consider these points when conducting further research and you will be well informed and able make a sound investment.

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