5 Strategies To Improve Your Charity Fundraising Website Marketing Campaign

There are several strategies to improve your charity fundraising website marketing campaign. Online giving is increasing. Many nonprofits now know how to convert web traffic and emails into donations to their cause. Studies show that overall nonprofit revenue increased by 23% in 2017. Moreover, 43% of millennials gave through social media campaigns. As a nonprofit marketing manager, you need to know how to amplify your giving opportunities online. Many businesses look to crowdfunding finance projects in order to raise money for their organization. However, there are several other ways to raise money for your business. Read on to discover strategies to improve your charity fundraising website marketing campaign.

Separate Event Landing Pages

Separate event landing pages are one significant strategy to improve your marketing campaign. When your nonprofit is hosting a fundraising event, it is essential to have separate event landing pages on your website. This way, there will be one specific location to drive web traffic related to the event. In addition, the landing page needs to be as fully built as your organization’s home page. It also needs to be complete with relevant information, such as event information, sponsors, link to online auctions, media galleries, donation instructions, and how to purchase tickets for the event. As a bonus, it is smart to have a button or banner on your charity’s homepage that directs people to the event landing page. You should format the event page with unique photos, videos, and visually appealing sensory descriptions. Separate event landing pages are an important way to increase donations on your website.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Networks

Another way to improve your charity’s marketing campaign through your website is peer-to-peer lending networks. Studies show that peer-to-peer fundraising methods account for one third of all online donations. This is one of the most influential marketing platforms for your nonprofit. By setting up personal fundraising pages on your website, donors can build credibility for your cause. This gives them a chance to explain to others why they support you and what your organization means to them. Personal pages give your organization the opportunity to connect deeply to potential donors. In fact, one in four solicitation emails from peer-to-peer fundraisers results in donations. This is compared to a a success rate of one in 1,250 emails directly from the charity. Peer-to-peer fundraising networks linked to your website are critical to improving your online marketing system.

Software Platforms

Software platforms can be a sophisticated tool for your 501(c)(3) charity to improve your marketing campaign. While it may come with a use fee, many software platforms allow organizations to manage registrants, donors, and ticket holders in one location. This can streamline your marketing process. Most software allows you to customize your campaign to further your brand and setup your own fundraising goals. There are also team fundraising features for groups to easily collaborate while fundraising. Software platforms can overall be a useful tool to streamline your charity’s marketing campaign while improving your brand.

Social Media Sharing

In today’s digital age, social media sharing is essential to maximize your nonprofit’s donations. According to studies, Facebook refers 29.4% of traffic to donation pages on #GivingTuesday. With social media sharing tools, individuals can easily share your organization’s donation website to others. This is also where peer-to-peer fundraising meets software platforms. Individuals are more likely to donate to your charity through someone who has a personal connection to them. Social media feeds open up this opportunity to spread donation communication. Similarly, many software platforms can give you the web capabilities for user-friendly sharing. In this way, you can optimize your marketing campaign by driving more traffic to your website and increasing donations.

SEO Web Content

Moreover, search engine optimization (SEO) web content is another vital strategy for your charity’s website to improve your marketing campaign. Improving your SEO ranking is essential to raise money through your marketing campaign. To improve web traffic to your donation page, your web visibility is crucial. Through search terms, you can build your brand and increase the relevance of your cause. Consider how your charity’s website ranks for terms relevant to its cause. Furthermore, by optimizing your website to your geographical location, you can attract more local businesses and individuals to support your cause. SEO web content is another advanced strategy to develop your brand and raise funds.

There are several strategies to improve your marketing campaign using your charity’s fundraising website. Separate event landing pages are essential when driving traffic to your website and functions. Additionally, peer-to-peer fundraising networks can expand donation opportunities. Utilizing software platforms is another way to streamline your marketing process. Social media sharing can also help to spread your web presence and maximize donations. Finally, SEO web content can help build your brand and increase your online visibility. Consider these essential strategies to improve your charity fundraising website marketing campaign.

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