Must-Know FX Markets Lingo To Start Trading Currencies Now

Beginner investors stay far away from more advanced investing options, like investing in FX markets. However, once you get a handle on managing traditional investment options these options can be extremely useful tools to diversify your portfolio. This is a much wise investment strategy than simply buying shares with higher stock prices. As with anything else though, you should know a little bit about FX market lingo before you take the plunge into Forex trading. It is akin to learning a whole new language. Learn all the FX markets terminology you to need to know before you get started below.

Balance Of Trade

Balance of trade is a very important Forex trading vocabulary word. Balance of trade, or trade balance, is the measurement of the ratio of exports to important for any given country. When there is a trade surplus, meaning a country has a higher number of exports than imports, trade balance is positive. When there is a trade deficit, meaning imports are higher than exports, trade balance is negative. This is a must-know for beginner Forex investors.

Barrier Option

A barrier option is a type of option within Forex markets. The payoff of these options depends on whether or not the given asset has reached a predetermined price. Barrier options are referred to as knock-outs when they can expire without worth if the asset exceeds that predetermined price. Otherwise, they are called knock-ins when they have no value until that underlying asset has reached the predetermined price. These are the options you will be dealing with frequently in FX markets.

Cross Currency

Cross currency refers to a pair of currencies that are traded in Forex markets that do not include American currency, the U.S. dollar. In cross currency trades, one foreign currency is traded for another directly. These transactions avoid the need to exchange both currencies into American dollars before executing the trade. Cross currency trades are something you will see all the time when investing in Forex. Be sure to know this term.


A pip is the method of measuring currency movement. Pips measure how far currency prices have moved. The term pip is actually an acronym that you will see many times in your Stockcharts. It stands for Percentage In Point. Forex traders use pips to measure their profit. That is why this is certainly a bit of FX markets lingo that every single Forex investor will want to know before getting started.


Whipsaw is a bit of slang foreign exchange market vocabulary. The term refers to a highly volatile market. In these highly volatile FX markets, a sharp price movement is quickly followed by a sharp reversal. These whipsaw markets can be risky investments. But, they can also produce excellent returns if you play your cards right. This is certainly something you will want to be familiar with, regardless of whether you want to avoid these types of Forex markets or dive into them head first.

If you are beginner Forex investor, or are interested in getting started, you need to know the Forex trading lingo that investors use to communicate what is happening in the global currency market. Forex trading is a great way to diversify your portfolio, especially if you have already invested in gold bullion. That is why you need to be able to understand the Forex trading advice and news you read online. These FX trading terms mentioned above are some of the most important for beginner Forex traders to familiarize themselves with if they want to successfully invest in international currency exchanges. Make sure you memorize them.

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