How Grocery Delivery Jobs Help Working Professionals Earn Side Income

Contracted jobs are becoming the norm in today’s gig economy. Even full-time career people are getting independent contractor jobs as a drivers or delivery people thanks to the rise of HR outsourcing. Now, there are more gig jobs available than ever before. One new type of contracted opportunity popping up more and more frequently is as a delivery driver. Grocery delivery jobs, in particular, are starting to pop up. These jobs are similar to many other independent contractor gig jobs in the advantages they provide. If you are a working-aged professional looking to make some extra cash on the side, learn about grocery delivery jobs in the post below. This way, you can decide whether this side gig is worth your time.

Services To Choose From

There are many different grocery shipment services to choose from if you are looking for a job as a grocery delivery person. Grocery delivery jobs are available from recognizable supermarket companies, like Stop & Shop or ShopRite. In addition, they are available from online grocery marketplaces, like Shipt, which was recently acquired by Target. Finally, these grocery delivery service jobs are also available from grocery delivery service apps, like Instacart and similar. There are many different grocery delivery companies that hire delivery drivers as independent contractors. That means you have a bunch of options to choose from if you want to make an extra buck.

Performance Based Opportunity

With a lot of grocery delivery jobs, the amount of work you get assigned is based almost entirely on employee performance and customer satisfaction ratings. Just like taxi services apps, grocery delivery drivers get ranked by shoppers on how good of a job they did delivering their groceries. If you make a single mistake, it could hurt your shopper score. Ultimately, that will hurt your ability to pick up jobs and take quite a toll on your paycheck each week. The better you do in grocery delivery jobs, the more work will become available to you. So as long as you do a good job, you have the opportunity to make more money than other, less capable workers will. This is important to note if you were hoping for a nice, easy job that does not require much thought or hard work.

Create Your Own Schedule

Just like other independent contractor jobs, you can create your own schedule as a grocery shopper and delivery person. These grocery delivery service jobs allow you to enter in your own availability by the hour. Then during those specified windows, the app will alert you to available jobs. Even during hours you have listed yourself as available, you can reject or deny any order requests you receive with a simple tap of a button. Of course, depending on the specific company’s algorithms, this may hurt your ability to pick up more jobs in the future. But, that varies from food delivery service to food delivery service. The benefit of creating your own schedule is one advantage that leads many workers to choose to turn their part time grocery delivery gig into a full time job. Clearly, this is something you want to keep in mind when looking for grocery delivery jobs.

Earning Potential

Your earning potential as a grocery delivery driver will vary based on the human resource management department at each company. All of the various grocery delivery apps and grocery marketplaces online pay delivery driver contractors differently. This is to be expected. However, you can expect to earn at least $15/hr. at top grocery delivery apps companies. Some independent contractors in grocery delivery even earn up to $25/hr. Clearly, those are desirable wages for fairly easy part time work. This is one of the exciting prospects that lead many working professionals, like yourself, to choose to become a part time grocery delivery service contractor.

Job Requirements

In order to become a grocery delivery person, you need to meet certain job requirements, just as you would for any regular, full-time position. Grocery delivery jobs do not require any schooling, of course. But, you will need to be at least 18 years old to secure a job as a grocery delivery driver. Further, if you want to get jobs with grocery delivery service apps, you will need to have a smartphone. iPhone users must have an iPhone using iOS 8 or newer, while Android users need to be operating 4.4.2 or newer. In addition, you will want to be able to lift at least 25 pounds, in order to be able to delivery larger package deliveries. Finally, you need a reliable car that is new enough to guarantee your ability to deliver groceries with it. As long as you meet those requirements, you will probably be able to find grocery delivery jobs that are willing to hire you.

Earning additional side income is easier than ever before. Thanks to the gig economy, you no longer have to visit employment agencies just to find some additional side jobs. But, some independent contractor jobs are better than others. Grocery delivery jobs are one of the best independent contractor positions available to working professionals looking to earn extra bucks. Learn all about the role of a grocery delivery driver in the post above. The advantages these grocery delivery driver jobs provide workers cannot be ignored. Hop on these job opportunities, and you will definitely like the way your bank account looks after you get started.

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