Top 5 Growing Software Categories To Watch Out For In 2020

There are several growing software categories to keep a close eye on in 2020. No matter the size or industry of your business, you are likely constantly managing multiple tasks at once. If you are frequently multi-tasking important business responsibilities, you risk getting overwhelmed, stressed, or sacrificing productivity. To combat potentially chaotic, overwhelming workloads, many companies have begun embracing business management software solutions. When properly integrated, business software options help to streamline productivity, predict business risks, and encourage organizational confidence. As more businesses continue to embrace software options, there are several distinct categories to watch out for. Read on to learn about the essential growing software categories to watch out for in 2020.

HR Tracking Programs

HR tracking software is an essential digital program category to watch out for in 2020. There systems are commonly referred to as time tracking or employee schedule management software. As companies continue to grow in volume and capacity, the job of HR professionals becomes increasingly difficult. Your HR department is required to manage payroll, verify employee hours, compile weekly timesheets, monitor time-off requests, and onboard new employees. The best HR management solutions help you to build custom employee schedules, forecast labor expenses, automate wage calculation, and distribute timesheets. Once properly equipped, these solutions are essential tools to guarantee consistent HR compliance and track your forecasted labor hours, costs, and profits. As more and more businesses turn to digital software solutions to manage their daily operations, consider the importance of HR tracking systems to the industry.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software is a consistently growing software market of 2020. Modern hotels are extremely wide and complex operations. Management software helps to bring hotel operations together in order to organize, centralize, and refine essential data. One of the most critical components of hotel management software is your property management system, or PMS. The PMS is what front-desk agents use to process check-ins and check-outs. At the same time, most modern hotels need a management software that controls their reservation channels. Commonly referred to as a channel manager, these systems manage your third-party reservations across all booking platforms to ensure that hotels are never overbooked. Many hotel management software options even provide a comprehensive booking engine. Your booking engine makes live information from your PMS system available on all your reservation channels. For the most simplicity, look for an all-in-one hotel management software solution with integrated PMS systems, channel manager, and booking engine capabilities.

Restaurant POS System

Restaurant POS system software is an essential market to watch out for in 2020. POS, or Point of Sale software, acts as an all-in-one restaurant management platform for businesses of all sizes. With this software equipped, restauranteurs can process digital orders, data reporting, employee management, payment processing, and point of sale services. At the same time, POS software systems allow restaurants to issue gift cards, run loyalty programs, and trace business analytics. As more and more businesses digitize portions of their operations, the restaurant POS system market has seen a noticeable surge in growth.

eCommerce Platform Solutions

eCommerce platform software solutions are continuously growing throughout 2020. Online eCommerce businesses require a unique management style and set of operations. Comprehensive software options help to monitor online sales, track orders, and monitor distribution. One of the most essential components of eCommerce software solutions is digital shopping cart integration. Virtual shopping carts allow shoppers to shop for products, add them to a basket, and then pay for them all together. Digital shopping carts can process online transactions, record shipping information, and track product data. With the proper software solutions, eCommerce business owners can consistently track their sales and stay updated with essential business information.

Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse management software, or WMS, is an essential solution for industrial business owners. Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and factories can be incredibly difficult to manage. With the proper solutions equipped, you can easily address, identify, and correct warehouse inventory issues. Comprehensive software solutions help manage daily operations associated with tracking inventory, sorting, storing, and shipping. At the same time, advanced software options can help you generate and track customized barcodes on all your products. Other solutions can even help business owners with job shop floor control, tracking manufacturers orders, compiling a bill of materials, and material requirements planning (MRP). As you track the growing software market throughout 2020, be sure to consider the importance of warehouse management systems.

There are several growing software categories to watch out for in 2020. More and more businesses are embracing software to streamline their daily operations. One of the most popular software options is hotel management systems, which streamline and centralize all the important hotel operations. HR tracking software is an additional important resource to monitor employee hours, plan schedules, and forecast labor expenses. At the same time, most modern restaurants utilize some form of POS system to effectively organize and streamline data. Moreover, consider the importance of digital software to track operations and process payments for eCommerce business. Furthermore, many warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities rely on warehouse management software, or WMS, to manage and streamline their daily operations. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about the essential growing software categories to watch out for in 2020.

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