5 Ways To Get A High Return On Investments

With the increase in the cost of daily expenses, side investments have become an important part of human life. In this current era, there are plenty of investment opportunities that help you earn extra money. But, not all of them give you high return rates. Investments play their key role after retirement when you actually lack financial security. Working professionals struggle to figure out where to open Roth IRA to earn big returns. Many look elsewhere for investing ventures. After all, you could boost your financial security through investing wisely. The following list gives you 5 ways of investment that yields higher returns. All of these 5 investments, if done correctly, will give you healthy financial security in the future.

P2P sites

Peer to Peer lending (P2P) assures high returns on your investment amount with applied interest rates. Here, you invest by lending your investment amount to a borrower. The borrower takes a loan from you and is given a payback period by the websites to return your amount. Till the time the borrower pays back your loan, your amount keeps increasing with the added interest rate. Websites like EstateGuru offer high returns with complete freedom on investment size. Look for P2P lending sites that offer the option to auto-invest based on your deposited amount.

Company Stocks

Investing in reputed company stocks having higher profit growth gives you good returns. For instance, there are plenty of research and development companies worth investing in. However, you need to research companies first to see the growth of profit rate each year. If they don’t have profits, you won’t earn a dividend. All of the capital that you invested goes to waste in that case. When you invest in company stocks, you own a micro share of that company. Hence you receive the profits as shareholders. Therefore, it is advisable you choose stocks carefully and invest only in companies with high market reputation.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are among the trusted sources of investment with healthy returns. The mutual fund companies connect a pool of investors and invest amounts in different financial instruments like stocks, bonds, etc. Mutual funds come with different schemes for investment and help in diversifying your investment portfolio. You can invest in equity mutual funds that deal with company stocks and large cap mutual funds dealing with large company stocks with higher returns. You can also invest in income funds that deals with bonds and give your profits through interest rate. Look into the track record of mutual fund companies before choosing one.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Investing in third-party real estates gives you good chances of having healthy returns. Many investors choose turn key real estate investments to earn a high ROI, but you should keep your options open. All you need to choose is a trusted crowdfunding website to begin investing. Look for reputable sites that cater to the requirement of all kinds of investors. If you are an accelerated investor, you can directly choose to invest in third-party real estate properties on the best sites. The returns can be based on monthly rentals, services or sold value of the property. If you are a low budget investor, then you can indirectly invest in the funds to get returns from the third party properties.

High-Interest Savings Account

You can contact your bank to know if they provide a high yield savings account. It offers an easy way to double your savings with better annual interest rates compared to a normal savings account. This opportunity is only offered by banks to the customers who are trusted and already have other accounts in that bank. You need to pay a hefty amount of initial deposit here to get more interest rates compared to a normal savings account. There is no extra charge or fees for opening such accounts. The deposit amount needs to be high as per the banks and the bank must be a reputed one. Ensure that you trust the bank that you choose. Then, you will get the best deal and earn the highest returns.

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