How Local SEO Services Boost Local Business Growth And Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must for any business. But even more critical for local businesses looking for unprecedented growth in the communities they serve. Local SEO is all about strategically setting up your online content for maximum search engine results. Without local SEO, a local business simply doesn’t exist.

Don’t think that you can do without local SEO services for your local business. Did you know that nearly half of all Google searches are looking for local information? Even more convincing is that 97 percent of search engine users are online to search for local businesses.

According to recent research, local information found by search engine users can generate more store foot traffic and increase revenue.

With nearly 78 percent of mobile searches resulting in an in-store purchase, it is easy to see how mobile devices are changing local SEO strategies too. With a search engine at the ready in everyone’s pocket, anywhere one may be, local SEO services are more important than ever before.

Is your local business in need of a local SEO reboot? The time is now to start leveraging search engine optimization to boost local business growth and success. The following reasons may prove useful when considering local SEO services for your company. Let’s dive in.

Local SEO Gets More Customers In-Store

Local businesses need foot traffic to survive. It is paramount to attract as many customers as possible to a store front, and local SEO makes this easy. In fact, 76 percent of local “nearby” searches result in a store visit within a day.

And with about 28 percent of those customers making a purchase, there are a lot of profitable reasons to make local optimization a priority. Once you get them in your store, you can help retain future customers by offering promotional items for free.

Giving your business the ability to be seen online by local consumers can be a definite game-changer. Do not view online retail as a threat. Sure, Amazon and are ecommerce powerhouses. But the ability to physically purchase a product is still important to consumers, especially on the local level.

Local Business Listings Increase Online Visibility

Attracting more foot traffic is certainly a must-do for local business owners. Even if you have a website for your business, the chances of a local consumer finding your business online are slim without local search engine optimization.

How does local optimization online increase your business’ online visibility? Google Maps. Having the business’ name, address, phone number, and Google reviews on your website and listed with Google My Business needs to happen.

Seems simple, but without local SEO services that know the ins-and-outs of Google My Business, you may be missing the mark. For instance, if a local consumer searches “holiday cards nearby” this will pop up in SERPs:

This map is the first thing consumers will see on Google SERPs. And most searchers will click on the first Google Maps result.

This and having your business information on your website, on social media accounts, directories, and more can increase online visibility. Local SEO service providers know how to strategically place this information everywhere online for your business to get high search engine rankings.

Search Results Matter

This may seem like a pretty harsh pill to swallow for local business owners. But it is a fact. If your business is not online, at least within the first two pages of search engine results, it really doesn’t exist.

How is this a reality? Mobile devices. This definitely goes for local businesses that only use Facebook as their business website or are looking to get more Facebook likes.

Mobile searches are how consumers find businesses in today’s digital age. This is just a fact. According to recent data, more than half of all web traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile devices.

This is a clear call to action to make local SEO part of your business growth and success plan. Optimizing for local search and mobile search can generate a ton more traffic for your local business. In fact, 30 percent of all mobile searches are local.

You want your local business to exist. Employing local SEO services ensures this since the experts know how to get your business at the top of mobile search results.

Gives Consumers Confidence To Buy Local

Part of online search intent is to deliver relevant and valuable information to search engine users. Part of this information involves online ratings and reviews for businesses.

Local optimization experts understand how to leverage ratings and reviews to increase online and in-store traffic, as well as purchases. How many times have you read a review before visiting a business, or before making a purchase?

A recent found that 50 percent of adults check online reviews before making a purchase.

You can utilize Google My Business listings and social media to generate reviews and ratings for your local business. However, it is important to take your customer service to the next level to ensure those reviews and ratings are positive.

There are certainly a ton of reasons why local SEO services are needed in the highly competitive online space businesses navigate to grow and succeed. The above are a few of the most important reasons to consider.

If you want to make your 2021 a breakout business year, local optimization is an absolute must. Be seen and drive more consumers to your store via local SEO services. It is simply a necessity in today’s digital business landscape.

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