5 Ways Invoice Automation Software Simplifies AP Systems

Managers are constantly looking for the best way to simplify their accounts payable (AP) systems. One of the most effective ways to so this is through invoice automation software. Automation software functions to help businesses manage complex AP processes. It is especially useful for monitoring large volumes of supplier and client invoices. Invoice automation software improves efficiency by reducing manual work. Business invoices are thus more accurate and human error is avoided. Continue reading to learn the ways invoice automation software simplifies AP systems.

Touchless Invoicing

Invoice automation software uses touchless invoicing to simplify the AP systems. With this online invoice service, you no longer have to enter any invoices manually. Instead, invoices are received and processed automatically. The software uses matching rules to carry this out. These rules ensure that all goods and services billed align with orders and receipts. Once these matching rules are met, the software authorizes touchless payment. Security measures ensure that the expense accounts used are never compromised. With this software, the invoices that used to require manual review are now processed automatically. This frees up precious company time and reduces human error. Invoice automation software uses secure, touchless invoicing to simplify accounts payable.

Data Integration

Automation software simplifies accounts payable by integrating company data. This software seamlessly integrates with a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It allows data to be transferred between the two systems without straining either environment or draining IT resources. This is particularly helpful for companies with hundreds of vendors. ERP software will hold catalogs of vendor information. Integration lets invoice software use this data to create more informed matching rules. Additionally, invoice automation software integrates with hundreds of financial management systems. This allows for easier accounts set up and better tracking of financial resources for invoicing purposes. AP processes are made simple with the data integration that invoicing software provides.

Automatic Pay Reminders

This software also provides automatic payment reminders. This is helpful for ensuring that vendor invoices are quickly paid. Set up one-time payment reminders to be sent directly to your inbox. This way, you know exactly when your accounts are paid. You can also do this with recurring payments. This software lets managers keep track of all outgoing payments without having to use manual reminders. Additionally, dashboards let you set up both clients and vendor panels. This way, you can also track pending incoming payments in the same place. Send invoices to clients in the same place you make vendor payments. This simplifies all matters of invoice payments. Invoice automation software sends helpful automatic payment reminders.

Mobile Access

Automated invoice software also provides universal mobile access to simplify payment processes. Both accounts payable and receivable departments will benefit greatly from being able to process invoices on the go. Invoices can be approved and paid even when you are out of the office. Any problems can be dealt with the moment they arise. This makes your AP department far more productive. Additionally, it leads to better relationships with vendors. You can ensure that all payments are made on time. With mobile access, payers reconcile invoices much faster. AP processes are attended to more quickly and efficiently. Invoice automation software provides mobile access to simplify accounts payable systems.

Organizes Tax Information

Lastly, with invoice automation software you can easily organize all tax information in one place. Searchable online document repositories keep track of old and new invoices. On these systems, you can run an audit at any time. This way, you can ensure that any problems that may exist are taken care of in a timely fashion. Additionally, the software is a place to store each vendor’s W-9 form. This makes it much easier to prepare 1099 forms come tax season. Businesses are thus better able to comply with reporting requirements. Automation software provides a repository where you can easily access accurate information necessary for both audits and tax purposes. This simplifies an essential aspect of your AP system.

Automated software is an excellent tool to greatly improve and accelerate small business invoicing. Touchless invoicing uses matches rules to authorize vendor payments securely. Software integration allows data to be transferred between outside ERP and financial systems. Automatic pay reminders let you know exactly when the accounts are paid. Mobile access ensures invoices are processed even on the go. The automation software also provides a repository where companies can store all important vendor tax information. These are some of the ways that invoice automation software simplifies AP systems.

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