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Small business owners have to stretch every dollar in order to bootstrap their business. That is why saving money on by not using the services of PR companies makes sense. However, one area where you certainly do not want to sacrifice quality just to save money is in the area of business liability. That is why online templates of legal documents are so helpful. These legal documents are totally legitimate and professionally crafted. But they are also available at affordable prices. Here are the best templates for legal documents available online.


The LegalTemplates website allows you to choose from a wide array of free legal documents for business use in particular. Whether you need articles of incorporation, a cease and desist letter, commercial lease agreement or a construction contract agreement, this website has a solution for you. Then, once you select what you need all you have to do is select your state, fill in the form and wait a couple minutes for it to be done. Then, you can print and download your business documents for free.


RocketLawyer is one of the leading names in the online legal services sector. RocketLawyer does more than just provide templates of legal documents for business and personal use. The website also features a useful “Ask a Lawyer” service. This is extremely helpful for business owners with limited access to legal counsel or those that do not want to have to deal with the negotiation of legal fees. You can gain access to these services, features and more for the low fee of just under $40/month. If you do not mind spending a little bit of money for the best online legal services, use RocketLawyer.


FormSwift is an entirely free resource to find legal documents from the experts. You can browse through a selection of free legal documents for a number of different categories, including business. All the files are available in both Word document format and PDF format. Make sure you check the legality of these forms in your particular state. As long as you do, this is an excellent way to score free legal documents when your budget is tight.


UpCounsel allows you to save you money and time with free legal templates. All of the documents on UpCounsel are drafted by real-life attorneys. These attorneys are hired directly by UpCounsel to craft the legal templates available on the site. Search for articles by name and learn all about the document before you print it out. UpCounsel is one of the best places to get free legal documents for business online so that you do not have to worry about doing more damage to your business credit report.


If you have a TV, you have no doubt seen the commercials for LegalZoom. LegalZoom is one of the leading names in legal services online, just like RocketLawyer. The website features over 160 online legal forms available for instant download. However, they also have the added benefit of easy-to-follow instructions which make it easy to fill out and complete your contracts and agreements. You will have to pay for the services, but you will only have to pay per form. If you need just one legal document template, LegalZoom is probably the best website to use.

If you are a small business owner, saving money is of the utmost importance to bootstrap your business and increase your likelihood at success. Using legal documents templates will easily help you save money while still protecting your business from potential legal liabilities. Make sure to use one of the top online legal services mentioned above to find templates of the legal documents you need to conduct your business.

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