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Line Systems Inc. is a company that provides smart technology solutions for business. Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Line Systems provides their services throughout the northeast. Many of the businesses that are partnered with this company are small businesses. So, if you are a small business owner in the Northeast, you may want to consider their solutions for your business. This post will highlight their top offerings, so that you can decide if you want to do business with Line Systems Inc. in the future.

Voice Solutions

Line Systems Inc. offers a plethora of voice solutions to businesses like yours, especially in the area of web meetings. From traditional voice to hosted PBX, no matter what you need, this company has got you covered. LSI even offers a call center application, giving you the ability to monitor customer service phone calls so you can better manage your employees. Line Systems voice solutions include queue management, providing an additional option for desktop control and queue analytics. You can also use their services to set up an auto attendant to properly route calls, eliminating the need for costly receptionists. They even provide built-in disaster recovery, so by the time you notice a problem, it is already fixed. Consider Line Systems for your business voice needs, you will not regret it.

Data Services

Line Systems also offers solutions for data services, as well. They provide dedicated internet access to small businesses in need of basic services and also companies needing a bit more bandwidth. Line Systems Inc. offers DIA T1 nxDS1 for small businesses and scales all the way up to 1GB Ethernet for larger bandwidth capacities. In addition, LSI makes MPLS available to small business like yours too. This service allows network administrators the ability to prioritize applications and traffic according to business needs. With all of these services, whether you want just one of them or all of them, LSI will work with you to figure out the needs of your business and determine which solution is the right fit. If you need one on one advice and guidance for your business data services, consider Line Systems for your solutions.

Cloud Applications

The future of technology is in the cloud. So the best move you can make for your small business is to find a cloud solution as soon as possible. Thanks to Line Systems Inc., doing so has never been easier. The company offers an incredible array of services, including, but not limited to, hosted web and email, IPFax, SaaS and disaster recovery. LSI will also help get your business set up with Office 365 and hosted sharepoint, to improve communication and collaboration in your workplace. Just as with their data services, Line Systems Inc. offers you guidance in determining which of these features will fit your business best, so that you can have the most efficient workplace possible beyond just your energy automation systems. If you are looking to bring cloud services to your small business, consult Line Systems Inc., they can offer advice and solutions all in one convenient location.

Affinity Program

If you do decide to become a patron of Line Systems Inc., the benefits will keep on coming. Line Systems offers their customers and excellent referral bonus, called the Affinity program. For each and every business you refer to LSI, you will get 10% of their monthly bill credited to your account in a one-time referral bonus. Ten percent is certainly nothing to shake your head at. This benefit has no limits, which is incredible. No matter how many people you refer, you can take advantage of the referral credit. Essentially, you can use your networking prowess to help pay for, or at least lower the costs of, your own voice, internet and cloud services. Who does not like to save money? If you have lots of entrepreneur friends, Line Systems is a great company to do business with.

Line Systems Acquisition

If you were considering using Line Systems Inc. for your voice, cloud and internet solutions, you are going to need to do business with another company. Block Communications Inc. has acquired LSI. BCI is a diversified media company. However, they have a subsidiary, Buckeye Telesystem that operates in the exact same field as LSI. Thankfully, this acquisition will only serve to improve the services and customer service offered by the company. If you are thinking of doing business with Line Systems Inc. for maximum business process improvement, make sure to reach out to their new owners at Block Communications.

Line Systems Inc, located in Pennsylvania, offers small businesses in the northeast a plethora of solutions for voice, cloud and internet needs. All of these solutions are provided alongside elite, personalized customer service that cannot be beat. If you have worked with Line Systems in the past, or do currently, let us know in the comments below. We would love to know how your experience has been.

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