5 Websites To List A Coworking Space Business For Rent

There are several websites to list a coworking space business for rent. These companies advertise coworking spaces in their own unique way. Naturally, coworking listing websites have increased in popularity thanks to their convenience and time saving traits. As a business owner, you should list your own coworking space business for rent. This way, you can gain exposure, market your space, and increase business profits. Read on and learn the websites to list your coworking space business for rent.

Remote Coworking Platforms

First off, remote coworking platforms are excellent websites to list your space for rent. Remote coworking websites let visitors choose their own open seats within the office space. In fact, these types of platforms offer a mobile app for users to check in. Each visitor must log in with a username and password. Therefore, you can uphold security standards and provide your customer with instant access. In addition, these platforms provide filters to attract more tenants. If your office space has wifi, several outlets, and free coffee, you can report it in your listing. This way, you can maintain tenant satisfaction levels, attract productive teams, and strengthen your company’s reputation. Definitely, you should use remote coworking platforms to list your office space business for rent.

Global Coworking Space Websites

Next, global coworking platforms are excellent websites to list your space for rent. Global coworking platforms often have decades of experience in over 100 countries. In addition, they offer tenants convenient search tools to find the right office coworking space. The tenant would simply type what they are looking for in the market. Then, the platform notifies you if the tenant is interested in your coworking space. Furthermore, it can provide useful suggestions to improve your online marketing techniques. Of course, you should also upload your terms, video tours, and pricing to the platform. This way, the user can view the office and policies online without a visit. Certainly, global platforms are one of the most overlooked websites to list your coworking space business for rent.

Hybrid Flexible Coworking Space Websites

Hybrid flexible coworking space platforms are another website to list your business space for rent. Flexible coworking spaces offer plans in the form of monthly and yearly terms. With this implementation, you can segment out your coworking space to meet the tenant’s criteria. For instance, you can provide a dedicated desk for one tenant at a time. The tenant would have access to the desk or filing cabinet with their own dedicated key. For a productive team, you can offer a standard office that holds up to 20 people. Plus, you can include private amenities and enforce a guest policy during business hours. In fact, you should also invest in a liability insurance policy to protect your organization. This way, you can rent out your office space to a wide audience and incorporate fair pricing models. For sure, hybrid flexible coworking space platforms are great methods for listing your business for rent.

Unlimited Commercial Listing Sites

Furthermore, you can use unlimited commercial listing sites to rent out your business space. Commercial platforms do not hide their listings with a paywall. This means, any user can conduct a search as long as there is an internet connection. In addition, you can upload an infinite amount of listings without extra fees. Typically, an annual membership costs approximately $100. Although, if you have multiple agents, you should choose an enterprise plan for $1,000 per year. Plus, you can use the platform to share to social media accounts automatically. This way, you can improve searchability for interested tenants online. Surely, consider an unlimited commercial listing website to rent out your business space.

Multi-Subscription Based Coworking Sites

Of course, multi-subscription based coworking sites are another way to list your business for rent. Multi-subscription based coworking sites have membership options from $40 to $250 per month. Also, they cover businesses in different cities like New York city, Boston, Chicago, and DC. These platforms have large networks with hundreds of worksites available for tenants. In fact, tenants can choose coworking spots dependent on the preferred day or hour. In addition, they can pay for a small subscription plan that allows up to 5 visits within a supported city for only $40. If a tenant enjoys the office, they could pay $100 for up to 9 visits each month. For unlimited use, the tenant can choose a subscription plan for $250 each month. This way, they can find a convenient coworking location, choose a pricing model, and work productively. Certainly, multi-subscription based coworking websites are a great way to list your business for rent.

There are several websites to list a coworking space business for rent. First, remote coworking platforms provide mobile applications for tenants. In addition, global coworking sites integrate powerful search tools. Next, hybrid flexible coworking space websites segment your workplace for multiple tenants. Also, unlimited commercial listing websites display listings without a pay wall. Of course, multi-subscription based coworking sites incorporate various pricing models for tenants. Read the points highlighted above and find a website to list a coworking space business for rent.

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