How To Market Your Law Firm Successfully For New Clients

Your law firm’s success usually rests on two factors: Your capabilities as an attorney and your ability to attract clients. Much of the magic of building a strong clientele roster involves making your name recognizable and trustworthy. This requires in-depth lawyer marketing tactics, such as the seven listed below.

Start With The Website

The website is one of the most essential parts of your marketing. If your advertisements are successful, they will send potential clients directly to your site, where they can expand their knowledge about your operations and contact you.

If you’re not sure what a great website looks like, consider this one that belongs to a law firm in the D.C. area. The services offered, the reasons to hire them, answers to common questions, plenty of calls to action, and a great contact page are all readily apparent.

Get On Social Media

Lawyers should be using social media to further the reach of their brand and attract new clients. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are usually the most recommended social platforms, although some outfits are experimenting with Instagram to attract the millennial users who dominate that network.

Upload content from your blog on a regular basis, as well as other helpful tips your target audience might need today or in the future. Run social ads, which are affordable and highly effective because they’re geo-targeted to your target audience. You’ll also want to use video on social media marketing if you can, because it’s highly effective for promoting your brand and reducing certain social stigmas.

Hire Someone To Do SEO

SEO is beneficial for most organizations, but it’s even more so for law firms. Most of your clients will have never required the services of an attorney before, so they’ll Google the best options in their area. If your search engine optimization is on point, you’ll come up among the top results. SEO is a challenging beast, so it’s probably wise to turn it over to the experts.

Find an SEO company that boasts excellent reviews, and have its team create high-quality content and a marketing strategy that will lift your website to the top. They should follow all of the best SEO techniques for law firms.

Emphasize Your Brand And Values

The law is extremely competitive. The best way to stand out is branding. You’ll need a name and logo that set you apart as well as fantastic customer service to prove you live by the assertions in your ads. An essential facet of branding is to make your values clear. What does your company stand for? How can you solve your clients’ biggest problems?

What support can you provide to make people’s lives easier? Every bit of value you add will increase a potential client’s interest in retaining you.

Focus On Local Marketing

Digital marketing strategies tend to rely on general marketing to anyone across the US. But you probably serve clients in your local region only, so don’t buy general marketing that will exhibit your ads to people who can’t and won’t use your services. Local marketing is key. You should take the time to create a Google local listing. This will make your law practice show up when people search in your local area. Additionally, there are many local directories that you should co-list your business in. This will help your online and offline marketing efforts.

Put The Client Experience First

For lawyers, it comes down to the client experience. When clients are assured they will be treated well and valued, they feel comfortable … which is essential, since most clients seek a law firm only when they find themselves less-than-ideal circumstances.

Your performance will foster customer testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing. About 90 percent of consumers turn to the recommendations of others when they’re seeking a service, so you want to leave a good impression with everyone you counsel.

Prioritize Online Reviews

When searching for services, prospective clients often study online reviews to help them select a law firm. In fact, over 88% of customers trust online reviews like a friend. Encourage all your past clients to post an online review in order to attract new business.

Creating a marketing plan for your law firm may require considerable time and research, and it might not be your cup of tea. But there’s no shame in obtaining help from experts in this field, and many attorneys report huge savings with a higher ROI as a result. If you work with an experienced marketing team, you’re apt to see incredible benefits for your brand.

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