5 Useful Mattress Manufacturer Industry Insights For Business Success

Presently, the market is experiencing a boom in mattress manufacturing. This is owed, almost entirely, to the rise in online mattress companies, like Casper, Tuft and Needle, Nectar or Purple. While the field is certainly competitive, there is still much room for opportunity. But in order to enter into a competitive mattress manufacturing business sector, entrepreneurs should learn the intimate details about industry performance. Learn the mattress manufacturer business facts and stats you need to determine whether or not this would be a good future endeavor below.

Mattress Types

There are more types of mattresses now than ever before. For years, the standard innerspring mattress model was the only option consumers had when shopping for bedroom furnishings. Now, thanks to new commercial embroidery machine solutions, mattress manufacturers have developed new mattress technologies that promise to provide a more comfortable sleep experience. Mattress manufacturer companies still produce the standard innerspring mattresses. In addition, they also offer all foam mattresses, adjustable air mattresses and combination types that use both innerspring and foam parts. If you are going to be opening a mattress manufacturing business, you will have to consider what types of mattresses you will produce and sell.

Packaging & Delivery

Modern mattress manufacturers employ all new packaging and delivery options as compared with the traditional model. Previously, mattress companies sold mattresses from a retail storefront. Then, those mattresses would be delivered to the buyer’s door by a third-party delivery service. Mattress packaging was large, bulky and cumbersome. It was nearly impossible to comfortably transport a mattress on your own. Now, the top mattress manufacturers sell almost exclusively online with  user-friendly e-commerce platforms. Those same companies deliver mattresses using vacuum-sealed packaging in a box no bigger than your kitchen table. This provides for much simpler, more manageable delivery solutions for consumers and manufacturers alike. Mattress manufacturer entrepreneurs should bear these solutions in mind when devising their own business plans.

Mattress Materials

In addition to different styles of mattresses, there are also a vast array of materials that can be used to manufacture mattresses. Of course, with the substantial amount of consumers looking to buy a mattress, there are a bunch of different needs to be met. Some consumers have latex allergies, a material that is frequently found in mattresses. In addition to latex, mattress manufacturers use everything from memory foam, polyurethane foam, synthetic latex, feathers, wool, cotton, hempure, polyester batting and even flax to produce consumer products. Each mattress material provides unique benefits. Hempure mattresses, for example, are environmentally friendly mattresses perfect for conscious consumers who care about how companies they shop with recycle waste. When developing a mattress manufacturer business plan, the mattress materials should be something you give serious consideration.


Mattress pricing is another crucial factor for manufacturers looking to break into the field. Online mattress companies provide a broad array of pricing options that can fit any consumer’s budget. Certain foam mattress manufacturers focus on providing affordable mattresses for shoppers on a budget. Other mattress companies focus on quality and comfort with high prices to match. New companies breaking into the mattress manufacturing industry need to consider this when developing a business plan. Mattress prices can be a huge indicator of whether or not your future business model will succeed.

Review Sites

For a future mattress manufacturer, reviews matter. The total number of websites for mattress reviews has skyrocketed to meet demand. In the crowded online mattresses sector, consumers need help finding the best mattress at the lowest price. Mattress shoppers visit these mattress reviews websites to determine what the best mattresses are. These pages, like Sleepopolis or similar, are therefore vital to a successful mattress manufacturing business. Mattress companies need to establish strong marketing relationships with these consumer solutions. That is one of the only ways to receive any brand recognition or have any chance at business success. If you want to open a mattress manufacturing business in the future, you must recognize the vital role these mattress review websites play in helping your company achieve success.

There are many mattress manufacturer businesses out there. The rise of online mattress companies has led to stiff competition. However, there is still room for opportunity and success with a wholesale business or direct-to-consumer company. Just bear in mind these important mattress market indicators detailed above. When starting a mattress manufacturing company, remember to give consideration to the many different types of mattresses and mattress materials that you can use. In addition, entrepreneurs should also consider the importance of consumer-friendly packaging, mattress pricing and mattress review websites when it comes to future business success. As long as you are aware of these important mattress manufacturer business fundamentals, you can easily compete with other top online mattress companies already in existence.

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