5 Mistakes To Avoid When Posting Ads Via Social Media

Posting advertisements via social media is an effective way of reaching many people as in as little as a minute; hundreds of people can see what you posted. If they share the post or like it, the post will appear on their friends’ feeds too so this could potentially continue until you reach your target views and shares.

However, it won’t always end the way you want. It’s possible that the posts won’t receive enough views and worse, people might not like what you posted, and it could hurt your chances of increasing your business’ popularity. These are some mistakes you need to avoid if you want to succeed.

Only Posting When You Are Selling Something

People hate it when they feel like you need them just for their money. They want to think that you are there even when you are not getting anything in return. Apart from your regular ads, you can also post articles that they can learn something from as well as share links to blogs and videos that might be interesting for them. You can also post business graphics with facts and figures about your industry. It also does not hurt to share the posts of other small business owners, as long as they are not your direct competitors; try to vary the kind of posts, to sustain interest.

Being Too Serious

You don’t need to take social media seriously. Although your account represents your brand and you need to maintain professionalism, it doesn’t hurt to play a bit. You can have fun in posting information or leaving comments, and you can even crack jokes whenever appropriate. As long as you aren’t offending anyone or being insensitive, it doesn’t hurt to have fun. When you are trying to target young audiences, they’ll end up ignoring your page when you try to be too serious.

You Only Use Words To Advertise

The beautiful thing regarding social media is you can use different stuff for advertisements. Instead of words, you can include photos to summarize what you want to say and infographics if you don’t want people to read lots of words. You might also use videos since people can finish watching them in a minute or so.

Using Only The Free Platforms

You might ignore the paid ads on Facebook and other social media, but they could be useful and if you pay them to help you with advertising, more people will see your social media marketing campaigns. You still need to work hard to advertise your posts, but you will get a leg up when the social media platform itself helps you in your endeavor.

Posting Insensitive Information

It might seem obvious, but even significant brands fall for this mistake. They try to appeal to many people by making jokes, but they end up saying something insensitive. In your efforts to promote your brand, everything could backfire, so it pays to review everything before posting and making sure the editing of them includes more than one employee from your team.

Apart from your social media strategies, using print media also helps. Here you can check out banner printers from reliable companies to help you spread the word about your business offline, as even if you succeed in your social media campaign, it doesn’t mean your marketing strategies should stop.

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