5 Steps To Obtain Your NY Real Estate License To Start Selling

New York real estate agents enjoy large paychecks and flexible schedules. However, obtaining a NY real estate license takes a lot of hard work. As an entrepreneur looking to get your real estate license in New York, you need to overcome numerous obstacles in order to find success as a realtor. While you can benefit from reviewing the top business tips, you need to learn industry-specific tips and strategies. In addition to improving your people skills, you need to achieve major milestones. In this post, you will learn the steps to obtain a NY real estate license.

Take The 75-Hour Course

Firstly, take the 75-hour DOS Approved Real Estate Salesperson Qualifying Course. This course consists of numerous topics that will assist you once you become a real estate agent. Such topics include environmental issues, commercial and investment properties, and construction. If you master these topics, among the others taught throughout the course, you will be able to succeed as a NY real estate agent. Furthermore, you will be one step closer to earning your NY real estate license. If you need funding to take these courses, consider the many opportunities to make money online. The expenses will be worth it once you achieve realtor status.

Find A Mentor

As with most entrepreneurial ventures, you need to find a mentor in order to efficiently receive your NY real estate license. This mentor will be your sponsoring broker. They will provide you with the support you need in order to get your license. The best sponsoring broker will have a lot of experience in the business. Perhaps you find a mentor who started their own real estate appraiser business. Your broker should act on the same values and interests as you. After all, they will be representing you during your journey to obtain your NY real estate license.

Pass Your Final Exam

Once you finish the 75 hours of coursework and have a sponsoring broker as a mentor, you need to take your school’s final exam. Both online and in-person students take the exam in-person. Although online students may have chosen to take classes online due to other obligations, such students are still required to travel to a destination to complete the exam. Online students receive a list of available locations to take the exam at. Upon passing the exam, you receive a Certificate of Completion for the course. This certificate is required to receive your NY real estate license.

Pass The State Exam

Another necessary step to take in order to get your NY real estate license is to take the state exam. While your school exam is administered by the institution you attended classes at, the state exam is administered by New York state. You have an hour and a half to finish the test that is based on the courses you completed. New York state offers accommodations for necessary individuals. In addition, entrepreneurs whose first language is one other than English can choose a different language to take the exam in. Keep your options in mind before taking the state exam.

Apply For Your License

After passing the NY state exam, you can apply to obtain your NY real estate license. To begin this step, fill out the real estate agent application. The New York Department of State Division of Licensing Service offers the application on their website for printable purposes. Entrepreneurs have another option as well. You can also choose to fill out the application online. As with many applications, a fee is required to apply. Pay the fee upon completing your application. Then, wait for the state to approve you and grant you your NY real estate license.

To enjoy the perks of being a NY real estate agent, you need to receive your license. To do so, take the 75-hour DOS Approved Real Estate Salesperson Qualifying Course either online or in-person. Then, find a sponsoring broker to be your mentor throughout your journey to receive your license. Take your school’s final exam after you complete the qualifying course. After receiving your Certificate of Completion, take the state exam. Once you have passed both exams, you can apply for your license through the state. Now, you know the steps to receive your NY real estate license.

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